How to Increase Your Business Productivity

How to Increase Your Business Productivity

I am going to let you in on an industry secret. I’m sure you have heard consultants offer to make your organization more money by saying they can increase your business productivity. Then they produce clearly defined job tasks, work instructions, reports, forms, and job descriptions for every employee or business process – also known as a Policy and Procedure Manual. The thing is these manuals are derived from internal templates. Learn how to increase your business productivity.

There’s a Better Way to Productivityincrease your business productivity

Well, if you’re like me then you’re watching your budget and you hate paying a lot of money to consultants for delivering templates. After all, what you really need are the templates themselves. Right?

Now you can own the same policy and procedure templates that consultants use for their clients and better yet you can try it risk-free using our Money Back Guarantee. Bizmanualz, Inc. has developed the best deals in Policies and Procedures Manuals designed to increase your business productivity. It contains close to 400 prewritten policies and procedures along with close to 600 sample reports, forms, checklists, exhibits, and job descriptions covering all major departments:

Increase Your Business ProductivityWork Productivity

Consultants large and small use these same Policies and Procedures to improve the productivity of their clients and we all know how “time is money”. Deloitte, Ernst & Young, KPMG, and  PricewaterhouseCoopers have purchased and referred these systems.

Use the CEO Policies and Procedures Manuals to clearly and effectively communicate management’s expectations for specific job tasks thereby eliminating some of your workers major complaints. With Policies and Procedures in place, our company just hums along and yours will too. Imagine reducing employee confusion, increasing accountability, simplifying training, standardizing quality and even satisfying auditors! And the best part is you won’t have to write everything yourself. Hundreds of editable MS-WORD documents are included eliminating the need to re-invent common business processes and saving your organization a lot of money in the process.

Ways Policies and Procedures Produce Immediate Results

  1. Something in writing to refer to when someone is ill, you need to train a new employee or temporarily fill his or her position.
  2. A tool that can enable your employees to do more than just the job they’re in now.
  3. A tool that will free employees up to take vacation (and not be stressed when others in their department do the same).
  4. The assurance that every task at every position is being covered (or can be covered) consistently with clear quality standards.

Sometimes you have to look at the cost of NOT doing something to justify the cost of doing it.

  • How much would your company have to pay its lawyers to defend itself when policies and procedures are unclear, someone is hurt or injured, and people sue?
  • How much does it cost in lost customers or sales because of policy-procedure issues?
  • How much time is spent explaining unclear policies and procedures instead of doing other work?

The CEO Policies and Procedures SystemCEO 2000 Final

This system saves thousands of hours of research, writing, design and development. In fact, for the same cost of publishing 1 or 2 procedures you will now have an entire manual of over 360 procedures and 570 supporting documents saving your company $100,000 or more in writing them yourself, from scratch. Use just one or two procedures and you’ve paid for the product. And I know you will find more than one that you can use. Now you can stop worrying over:

  • How to write your policy manual, on time and under budget.
  • Where to find accurate wording to ensure that your procedures are written well.
  • How to increase company efficiency while reducing common worker complaints.
  • How to please your auditors or regulators with proper documentation.
  • How to create an Employee Handbook covering all of your health insurance, benefit programs, disciplinary actions, interview questions, hiring and firing policies and more.
  • How to protect your assets, information, and employees from disasters or physical harm.

Order the CEO Policies and Procedures System System today and start increasing your business productivity! There is simply no better way to increase your business productivity than by ordering this complete set of Policies and Procedures.

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