How Do You Increase Sales on Amazon?

How Do You Increase Sales on Amazon?
Selling on Amazon is a great way to both earn a second income and create a thriving startup business venture. Afterall, Amazon is what customers expect from an online store. How do you increase sales on Amazon?

7 Ways to Boost Your Amazon Salesproduct sales

Whether you’ve been an Amazon seller for years or you’ve just started out and want to ensure that your sales are as high as possible, take a look at our seven suggestions for improving your conversion rates on the Amazon eCommerce platform.

Understand Your Customers’ Habits

If you want to sell more, you will need to understand what your customer base is actually looking for. What are the pain points they are trying to solve, and how are your products able to help?

Take some time to analyze the data you already have access to. Try to gauge how much money people are willing to spend on a certain item and when they are most likely to buy it. Take a look at how others are selling the same type of product, and try to determine what you can improve on first to get the best possible results.

Remember: marketing to everyone is the same as marketing to no one. You need to select a specific audience and aim to sell specifically to them. 

Consider Customer Feedbackemployee feedback

Take the time to analyze what your customers are saying about your product and the service you offer. Any negative customer feedback should be carefully considered. There will certainly be those who are just plain negative, but if someone has had a genuine issue with your product, you need to address the issue.

The more publicly you display that you take your customer’s opinion into account, the better impact your customer service will have. 

Write Better Product Descriptions

As you may have noticed, most product descriptions on Amazon are not written all that well. Often, they’re just a copy of what the manufacturer of the product wrote on their own website. In other cases, they’re simple bullet points that don’t do a good job of selling a product.

By writing better product descriptions, you can quickly gain an edge. Again, make sure you consider the customer and what they want to know about the product. Always focus on the benefits more than you do on the features, and that is what most shoppers will care about. 

Feature More Product Images

Shoppers will also want to see plenty of useful product images. Ideally, you want to show each product from as many angles as possible.

Don’t think of them as superfluous, even if they are quite similar. They will help customers understand exactly what they are buying so that they can make a purchasing decision that much more easily. 

Furthermore, aim to show the product in use if you can. It may take a bit of time to capture all these images, but they will be the best way to determine a product’s size and quality, so the investment will be worth it. 

Don’t forget that the images should be of the highest possible quality. Take the time to get this part right, and you may soon see an increase in sales. 

Use a Repricing Tool

SaaS Product Pricing

In order to keep up with the fluctuating prices on Amazon, you’ll definitely want to use a repricer. You will never be able to manually check every item’s price on a regular basis, so automating this process can really give you a competitive edge. 

As you can easily set a minimum price for each product, the tool will ensure that your products aren’t overlooked simply because a competitor is having a sale you knew nothing about and their products are now flying off the shelf. 

Consider a Sale

While we’re on the subject of prices, consider hosting a sale from time to time. Make sure you do so when your competitors’ prices are still high, and don’t just react to a sale they are holding themselves.

This is a great way to get rid of some of your older items, or even items that are less popular, and make room for some fresh stock. If you advertise the sale in advance, you can also create some genuine buzz around it and capitalize on shoppers’ fear of missing out.

Drive Traffic from a Variety of Sources

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Finally, you also want to make sure that you have a heathy sales and marketing pipeline driving as much traffic as possible to your Amazon store. Don’t merely rely on the algorithm to display your products. Instead, market them across a variety of channels yourself.

Social media marketing and paid ads are a great place to start. Depending on the nature of the products you sell, you may want to start with Facebook or Instagram and slowly branch out to more networks. 

You can also try to get mentioned by affiliate blogs. This tactic may come with a price, but it can be worth it, especially if the blog sees a lot of traffic itself. You can also build an email list and reach your customers in their inboxes, where they are most likely to have time to check out your offer and click over to your store.

Ways to Boost Your Amazon Sales

Increasing your Amazon sales will take work, as the marketplace is getting more and more competitive every day. However, with the help of these seven strategies, you should have no trouble pinpointing the best way to reach and appeal to your audience and close more sales.

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