Hazardous Waste Determination Worksheet Template | ENV102-2

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easily editable in ms wordHazardous Waste Determination Worksheet Template

The results of the determination conducted by the Environmental Coordinator will be annotated on the Hazardous Waste Determination Worksheet Template. If hazardous waste is generated by the company, the Environmental Coordinator will determine the waste classification (characteristic, listed, mixture or excluded) and will determine if the waste is acutely hazardous. The determination will be conducted through analytical testing in accordance with EPA and State regulations.

The Environmental Coordinator, in conjunction with department managers, should conduct an annual evaluation of the waste classification. The hazardous waste generation process will be evaluated to determine if the process has changed. If the process is unchanged, the Environmental Coordinator will note the generation process evaluated, date of the evaluation, and the persons involved in the process review. This information will be logged on ENV102-2 HAZARDOUS WASTE DETERMINATION SHEET.

If the process has changed or the waste generated is suspected to have changed, then an analytical test will be conducted in accordance with EPA and State regulations. These test results will be kept on file with the updated Hazardous Waste Determination Sheet.

Hazardous Waste Determination Worksheet TemplateHazardous Waste Determination Worksheet Template Details

Pages: 01
Words: 49
Format: Microsoft Word 2013 (.docx)
Language: English
Manual: Business Sampler
Category: Environmental Management
Procedure: Hazardous Waste Management Procedure ENV102
Type: Sheet

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