Do Office Plants Increase Productivity?

Do Office Plants Increase Productivity?
Many researchers have proved conclusively that plants add a more to your office than a mere decorative touch. Research studies have indicated that they don’t just brighten up your office and oxygenate the atmosphere, but also improve employee satisfaction considerably. Do office plants increase productivity?

How to Use Office Plants to Boost Productivity and Job SatisfactionGarden Business

 In fact, office productivity increases of up to 15 percent or so, have been recorded. Let us see how plants can do all that:


The intrinsic human need to connect with environment and other living things is known as biophilia. Many studies have consistently shown that introducing different types of plants can easily reduce employee stress in the average office worker. In the long run, they can help in reducing depression, anxiety, workplace hostility, and even fatigue.

While the exact reasons are not known, many scientists attribute this to something known as biophilia. This may be described as an affinity that humans have, for other living things. Put simply, we just plain like being surrounded by plants. It makes us feel happy. 

Plants Improve the Quality of Your Office Environment 

Office plants have the unique ability to improve the overall physical quality of the office environment. It is very simple really. Think of the plants as one hundred percent natural air filters. They act to significantly decrease Co2 (carbon dioxide) levels in the atmosphere.

Apart from that, they also filter dust and mold from the air in your office. These can cause drowsiness and also contribute to increasing health problems amongst the employees. All of these benefits have been backed up by researchers via observable improvements in case of employee health. Plants in the office are also known to lower blood pressure and also reduce absenteeism. They can also eliminate a few minor illnesses and allergies from your workplace.environmental office

Office Plants Offer Visual Stimulation

Visual stimulation via outdoor views is very important to maintain the productivity of your office staff. In this case, visually interesting views might help to break up the usual dull monotony of the office environment. Apart from that, plants in the office can also help keep your staff members alert enough to retain their peak performance levels. They can do this by relieving work-related stress and improving concentration. Moreover, office plants are also known to spur creative instinct.  

A natural view involving flowering shrubs and plants might be considered best, but when that is not possible, you can use stimulating indoor office décor in the form of bright flowering plants. This means that even if your office doesn’t have really big picture windows filled with elaborate green vistas, there is no need to knock down any walls or try and cultivate a nice garden to improve the environment in your office. You can simply add a few office plants to both stimulate the thought process and increase productivity among your employees at the same time. 

Plants Increase Cognitive Function

This is one of the most profound impacts of having plants in your office. They have the ability to increase the cognitive faculties of the people in the office. This in turn leads to an increase in productivity throughout the organization.

As a matter of fact, a study published in the Journal of Experimental Psychology has shown that plants are known to boost overall employee satisfaction levels by an astounding 40 percent or so. In offices where there are plenty of live plants, there was a marked and visible improvement in cognitive functions. Employees made very few mistakes, were more alert, and made better decisions. 

Growing Plants in the Office

Growing indoor plants in your office is certainly a very good idea, provided that you know what you are doing. Plants are living beings and they require light, water, and air as much as we do. You have to water the plants and make sure that there is a suitable drainage system for all of them. You can use LED grow lights to help them grow in places where there is little access to actual sunlight. 

Office Plants Boost Productivity and Job Satisfaction

Office plants can help improve the office atmosphere both literally and figuratively. By cleaning the air of pollutants they will help your staff members breathe clean fresh air and also enhance their mood while increasing their cognitive functions.  They will also increase productivity at work to a great degree. So go ahead and get some plants for your office! 

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