All companies want to be successful, and one way to increase success is through business growth. How can this business growth achieved?

How to Achieve Business Growth:

Have a Clear Strategy

business growth

It all starts with a business vision you have for your company or department. Is that vision being accurately and concisely communicated throughout the company? If not, the outcome can be far from what you envisioned.

For example, say your vision is to launch a social media marketing campaign to appeal to a broader, younger, Internet-savvy audience. What does that mean for your marketing team that is unfamiliar with social media networks? What does it mean for your sales team that has no experience with that type of lead? And most importantly, does your product make sense for that audience?

These are all questions you need to answer with a clear strategy before you launch a campaign that could end up costing your company. Our business experts are eager to help formulate your company’s strategy into clear steps that will lead to success and business growth.

Simplify Procedures

By simplifying your procedures, you can cut waste with confidence that you are not cutting essential value-added services customers want to buy. Simplifying procedures helps with business growth because it streamlines your operations, documents them, and thus makes it much easier to replicate your operations at another location.

A new operation based on proven procedures is easier to manage because you can evaluate its performance against known metrics. And should the metrics indicate a need for adjustments-typical when rolling out a new location-staff will have procedures in place to affect needed changes. This significantly reduces the risk of opening a new location.

Bizmanualz can help you simplify procedures faster and more efficiently than you can do it yourself because we are continuously writing, publishing, deploying and updating policies and procedures. Our latest procedures represent lessons learned by our thousands of world-wide customers.

Through Your Business Council

Your company’s new business council is the meeting where all program mangers come together and ask each other the “what by when” questions. What are you going to do? When are you going to have it done? As the company’s CEO or lead business development executive, you (with assistance) must keep track of the answers, and go over the responses at the next meeting. Are we ahead or behind schedule? Are there any roadblocks in your way to keeping the commitments you, the program managers, have to this council? If so, what resources can the council, and by extension the organization, bring to bear to overcome the obstacles?

Because the new business council asks both for commitments to meet revenue, and rations resources to achieve program goals, it is uniquely situated within your organization to hold managers accountable and remove all obstacles (read: remove excuses). It is where pie-in-the-sky demands for revenue come face-to-face with unrealistic demands for resources and reality emerges. The new business council is a conclave where managers hold each other accountable to their commitments to one another, and that is the germ of espirit de corps.

Programs whose revenue potential is too far off in the future or not large enough to matter won’t make the cut. Programs closer to the core business where concrete steps are easier to identify and execute become the singular focus of program managers.