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How to Develop a Small Business for Bicycle Lovers

Cycling is one of the healthiest and most rewarding hobbies out there. Hitting the road on your bicycle and enjoying the breeze is great, but it’s not as productive as it could be. Wouldn’t it be great if you could turn a profit while riding your bike—or even startup a business? How do you develop a small business for bicycle lovers?

Developing a Small Business for Bicycle Lovers

 It’s not an unusual idea, as many cycling enthusiasts have started capitalizing on their hobby in recent years. With the right line of work, you can bootstrap your startup and make some money while doing exactly what you love. 

Creating a small business via cycling can take a while, so it’s best to start checking out your prospects immediately. You might be wondering what types of jobs help bicycle lovers turn a profit or get into business? Here are a few bicycle business examples. 

Bicycle Courier & Delivery

One of the most obvious jobs for cycling lovers is delivery. It should come as no surprise, considering that bikes are a pretty convenient mode of transport, and they allow you more than enough mobility to cover a neighbourhood quickly. As a result, plenty of cycling enthusiasts take up delivery or become couriers for various companies—though some start their own!

The rising demand for online shopping has made these jobs pretty attractive. There are countless delivery apps that employ drivers and cyclists alike. You can benefit from freelancing gigs too.  Sometimes, large chains and shipping services will employ individual bicycle riders to help cover a certain neighbourhood or city. There are lots of options available, each with its own benefits and downsides. Choose one that will give you a good balance of flexibility and cash, so that you can enjoy the cycling part without stress.

If you’re so inclined, you can even start your own delivery service with some cyclist friends. You can set your own terms and hours to make for a much easier and more stress-free work environment. 

Bike Advertising

You’ve probably seen ads on various vehicles on the road. Sometimes, companies pay for billboards on the sides of trucks to help get their message across. Other times, they’ll put smaller ads on car exteriors or their decals. What you may not know is that plenty of these vehicles aren’t owned by any affiliates of the company involved, they just carry the ad. We all know that marketing helps businesses grow.

In recent years, these kinds of companies have started looking to bicycles for their advertising needs. What this means is that a cyclist can carry a small billboard behind them to advertise for a specific brand or company. The great thing about this is that there’s rarely anything else involved in the job. You simply get paid to ride around on a bike.

Ad agencies look for contractors all around their cities, which means you can probably find them rather easily. Some of the jobs are year-round, while others are seasonal, so you can choose one that suits your schedule best. Bike advertising jobs are also offered by political activists and candidates. If you’re politically inclined, you can help support your preferred party or candidate while also getting paid for it. 

Bicycle Tour Guide

Cycling is one of the most convenient ways to get around a city or region. There’s no difficulty in getting to a destination via paths or parking afterwards. Plus, it’s a comfortable transportation method that gives you a small workout. Unsurprisingly, people have started touring cities via bicycle for these reasons. 

What good is touring around if you don’t know where to go? This is where tour guides come in. An experienced cyclist can help create ideal paths for tourists and show them around an area. If you’re familiar with your city, why not lead tourist groups on a bike? It can be a pretty profitable venture if your city gets a lot of guests from abroad. 

What makes this job great is that you can often choose your own paths. If you like certain areas, you can create a path through them during your tour. Most of the time, you’ll just be enjoying great scenery while riding around on your bike. It’s a pretty good gig all things considered.

Bicycle Store

If you’re a full-on cycling enthusiast, you probably know your way around bicycle damage and repairs. This kind of knowledge can come in handy when your bike breaks down, but it can also be used to turn a profit. As people move to cycling, there’s an increase in demand for repairs and maintenance. So why not use your skills and knowledge to help out with bike repairs in a shop?

Fixing things isn’t the only important task in a bike shop. Customers want to know more about different kinds of bicycles and how they work in specific environments. If you have the necessary knowledge, you can help them choose the perfect bike for their needs.

People also need to know the kind of gear they’ll need for a smooth bike ride.  Everything from protective clothing to cycling shoes needs to be accounted for when it comes to cycling. Some shoes are more adequate for running, while other types are better for cycling. Knowing the difference between them can help customers choose adequately. It’s a great opportunity to show your enthusiasm and talk to people who have the same interests. 

Online Influencing

What if you’re looking for a job that isn’t particularly taxing or demanding while still allowing you to ride around consistently? Well, you could always share your cycling experiences with the online world! As a bicycle enthusiast, you can become an influencer and show off your adventures to a wide audience. 

If you also like taking photos and videos, it’s probably the perfect endeavour for you. Simply start a page on a social media platform and start detailing your cycling experiences. People will tune in from time to time, and those that like it might follow you regularly. You can use your status to help educate people on important cycling tips and tricks, while also showing how to cycle in certain environments safely. 

If you get a sizeable following, bike companies and brands will get in touch with you for sponsorships. It can be a great opportunity to build on your own brand and make even more money doing what you love. Afterwards, you can move even higher and act as an influencer on a higher level. 

Develop a Small Business for Bicycle Lovers

While bicycling might be an unusual business to start, and it may not seem like it can offer a lot of job prospects on its own, it can actually be a pretty profitable hobby. As long as you know what kind of work you want to be involved in, you can make some cash while taking your bike on the road. Consider some of the above examples and see which profession would best suit you. 


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