What is an Unusual Business to Start?

What is an Unusual Business to Start?

There are thousands of unusual businesses to start out there that are not only profitable but that are also, believe it or not, legal in many countries. They range from (sometimes wacky) business ideas that are right under your nose to ideas that will make you shake your head wondering “who would have thought of that!”

Do You Have What It Takes To Join These Unusual Industries

Now that you are most likely here in search of unusual businesses that can do well in an unusual business environment- in the down economy precipitated by the pandemic, we promise to give you just that! Here are 4 business ideas that might appear to be unusual to many people, but that has a huge underserved, probably affluent, niche market.

Pet Bakery BusinessRemote Work

The petting industry is for anyone with a passion for pets. If you are also passionate about baking, a profitable idea would be to combine both passions and open a pet bakery. In the US alone, the pet industry was estimated to be worth $99 billion in 2020, half of the money going to pet food and treats

The secret to thriving in this business is to prepare specially formulated pet foods that are top quality, natural, and affordable- that outdo the pet foods that are chemically preserved in supermarkets. You actually don’t need huge funding for this business because you can prepare the product at home and then sell them on social media, through an eCommerce website, or on any other online platform, you find appealing. After making reasonable profits and inroads in the industry, you can then open a retail store which will, in turn, bring additional exposure and customer traffic.

What else do you need to thrive in the pet bakery business?

  • The help of an attorney and an accountant in knowing which licenses or permits you need, taxation requirements and benefits, health codes and inspections to comply with, and everything around insurance.
  • Basic dog bakery supplies such as cookie cutters, cake pans, and packaging containers. That’s on top of your secret recipe and ingredients, of course!
  • The ability to customize your products- to give them catchy names and themes for different target groups and occasions. Your products should be appealing enough to find space in gift baskets on birthdays and popular holidays such as Christmas, Hall  oween, and Valentine’s Day.
  • In the early days, you probably will be marketing your products on your own. You need top-notch marketing skills to get through to customers both online and offline.

If baking isn’t your strongest suit but you love animals, other businesses that you can explore in the pet industry include pet grooming, pet clothing, pooper scooping, or you can start a petting blog.

Cannabis Business

In the first quarter of 2020, the legal marijuana market size was estimated to be about $18 billion globally. Experts predict a CAGR of up to 18% between 2020 and 2027, which could take the market value to almost $70 billion by 2027. Talk of an unusual industry with unusual, crazy returns! 

Do you have what it takes to join the cannabis industry? You do if you:

  • Have the necessary knowledge on growing the cannabis plant, making edibles and other products, and packaging for each target group.
  • Are creative enough to pitch your products in a competitive way without making false claims that could get you in trouble with the FDA.
  • Have basic digital marketing skills for platforms like YouTube, Twitch, and Instagram. That’s where most cannabis consumers are. Offline, you can market your products on cannabis wellness festivals near you.
  • Understand the legalities around the industry. Find a lawyer to help you understand what you can and cannot do in your state as far as cannabis growth, packaging, and marketing is concerned.

If you don’t want to grow, process, or market marijuana products but you are knowledgeable in matters of cannabis, you can still make good money with cannabis business consulting. Your job will be to help new cannabis entrepreneurs find the right investment opportunities through advocacy and mentoring.

Lawn Care BusinessMowing Business

Do you enjoy trimming, cutting grass lawns, and generally taking care of lawns? Are you experienced in weed control, fertilization, and pest control in plants? Do you understand the maintenance needs of homeowners and commercial property owners in your neighborhood? A lawn care business would be great for you. You will still use the mower, leaf blower, trimmer, gasoline cans, and the same tools you use on your lawn. You can then scale up the tools as you achieve business growth. As for marketing, you can advertise your services through word of mouth, business cards, flyers, or even go online through social media or a professional website. Most lawn care businesses yield $30,000 to $50,000 in annual profits.

Residential Cleaning Business

You will need more than your basic home cleaning knowledge to start this business. Conduct thorough research on the cleaning chemicals that are affordable, that don’t hurt surfaces, and which surfaces are thoroughly cleaned by which products. You will also need a killer value proposition, business name, and an overall well-thought-out business plan for a startup. Lastly, purchase cleaning insurance, get the required licenses and acquire the tools, supplies, and equipment you need.

Unusual Business Startups

Are you coping with a bad boss? Becoming your own boss isn’t as hard as you thought! The bottom line is to always think about the risks and rewards associated with the unusual business you intend to start. The gamble will always be worth it if you turn your passion into a business.

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