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easily editable in ms wordFSMS Identification Labeling Traceability Procedure

The FSMS Identification Labeling Traceability Procedure outlines the content and format requirements for identification and caution labels attached to products. The procedure applies to all food products manufactured and sold by the company. (8 pages, 1635 words)

FSMS Identification Labeling Traceability Responsibilities:

The Receiving Manager is responsible for identifying raw materials/ingredients as they are delivered to the company, confirming completeness and initial acceptability of incoming orders, notifying Food Safety Inspection when orders are ready for inspection, and for moving inspected items to their appropriate storage areas.

The Food Inspector is responsible for updating raw materials inventory with inspection results.

The Manufacturing Manager is responsible for maintaining the company’s raw materials inventory records as foods and/or ingredients are introduced to the production process and for maintaining an intradepartmental log of items used (descriptions, sources, destinations, etc.).

The Packaging and Storage Manager is responsible for logging finished products as they are moved from processing to storage.

The Shipping Manager is responsible for maintaining a log of all information on finished products going to the company’s customers.

FSMS Identification Labeling Traceability Definitions:

End product – Product that will undergo no further processing / transformation within the company.

Raw material – Material the company receives from suppliers, then processes (transforms), with or without other raw materials, into an end product.

Traceability – Ability to trace history, application, or location of something (document, work product, ingredient, etc.) by means of recorded information.

FSMS Identification Labeling Traceability ProcedureFSMS Identification Labeling Traceability Procedure Activities

  • Labeling and Traceability- General
  • Label/Traceability System Development
  • Labeling/ Tracing Food Items and Ingredients
  • Labeling/ Traceability System Review

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