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easily editable in ms wordFSMS Emergency Preparedness Response Procedure

Top management should establish, implement and maintain procedures to manage potential emergency situations and accidents that can impact food safety and which are relevant to the organization in the food chain. The FSMS Emergency Preparedness Response Procedure defines the methods for effectively planning for, and acting during, emergencies that actually or potentially impact food safety and other company operations.

The Procedure covers all activities required to prepare for and respond to any emergency. Emergency situations include external and internal causes, both accidental and deliberate. It applies to all management and staff employees as indicated. (18 pages, 2424 words)

To make things clear, let’s get the definition of emergency straight. An emergency is an event or circumstance that may significantly impact operations. This includes any sudden, unexpected occurrence, natural or human-caused, which poses a significant threat to food safety and/or the company’s employees, customers, facilities, assets, records, and business activities.

FSMS Emergency Preparedness Response Responsibilities:

Emergency Management Directors are responsible for developing the Emergency Response Plan

The Food Safety Team Leader provides inputs to the plan regarding potential food safety issues.

Managers and Supervisors are responsible for directing emergency response activities in their respective departments.

All Employees are responsible for knowing and understanding the emergency response plan as it relates to their activities and food safety.

FSMS Emergency Preparedness Response ProcedureFSMS Emergency Preparedness Response Procedure Activities

  • Risk Assessment and Evaluation
  • Emergency Response Planning
  • Responding to an Emergency
  • Emergency Drills and Tests

FSMS Emergency Preparedness Response Procedure Forms



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