Why is Outsourcing Good for a Business?

Why is Outsourcing Good for a Business?

In today’s competitive world of business, it’s vital for companies to find ways to catch up with their bigger competitors. Outsourcing is one of those ways that can help reduce the cost of expansion! The way that has the potential of not only reducing cost in wages paid, but also allowing the companies to focus on the activities that are critical to growing their brand, plus gain faster and better services. Why is outsourcing good for a business?

Is Outsourcing Good for a Business?Business Outsourcing

When it comes to outsourcing, a lot of people associate it with Asia (mainly with India and China), since those two are the foremost destinations that made up the most common choices throughout the last decades. Due to the low costs and the availability of labor, it’s hard for European outsourcing locations/destinations to compete with India or China, although Europe has risen lately as the new nearshore outsourcing destination.

Difference Between Offshore and Nearshore Outsourcing

Offshore outsourcing destinations are characterized by long-distance, big time differences, cultural difficulties, big travel & infrastructure costs, and reduced labor costs since the labor force is very very cheap compared to the nearshore outsourcing destinations. 

Nearshore outsourcing is still on the rise. More and more companies realize that the advantages can help make their businesses move forward. Wages in Europe are higher than in BRICS countries (Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa), but the goal of outsourcing is not to find the cheapest supplier. The whole goal of outsourcing services is to find and provide expert services that have the very best price to quality ratio.

Europe as a great nearshore provider is characterized by better quality, similar time zones that allow real-time communication, and geographical proximity that makes face-to-face meetings easier to manage.

Reasons Why you Should Outsource to Europe European Outsourcing

Europe is the oldest continent in the world. Which makes Europe even more fun before we even explain why outsourcing in Europe is a very clever thing to do. You have different cultures, and the weather is great too. Europe is one of the best places to outsource. Countries like Germany, Poland, Macedonia, Kosovo, Czech Republic, Switzerland, are just some of the best countries to outsource. The population is young and they’re very empathic to work. Here are some more reasons why outsourcing in Europe is a smart decision:

Population Speaks English

Companies can find good technical skills and lingual capabilities in addition to English and the clear accent that they have. Most of the youth in Europe are very fluent in English and this creates a very easy way to communicate with them. Based on the fact that Europe has a very young youth, this is such a bonus to outsource in Europe. 

Low Cost

If you decide to outsource in Eastern European countries like Macedonia, Kosovo, Croatia, etc., you would be paying a lot less than you would be paying if you would outsource in for example Germany. One of the countries that we’ve noticed that is very cheap and the people are very hardworking is Kosovo. The cost you would spend there is very low. Starting from renting, then food, then tickets, outsourcing in Kosovo is a very smart thing to do. Also, it is very fun to explore this small new country. The people are so friendly.

Different Culturescommunicate people

Living in Europe you get to explore so many cultures because there are a lot of different ethnicities. They also are characterized by a very rapid cultural and intellectual adaptation with people of different backgrounds. This is a great advantage when it comes to working with different companies abroad.  

Young Population 

Europe is one of the oldest continents, however, this doesn’t mean that the population is old as well. Europe has a large population of youth. In addition to this — because of the number of young people in employment and the political involvement from the UK, USA & Germany — the countries of Europe, such as, Kosovo has a heavy focus on education and training meaning that most trained employees will have certifications, and they are really skilled in programming, digital marketing, web design, etc. 

Europeans are characterized with a very rapid cultural and intellectual adaptation with people of different backgrounds. This is a great advantage when it comes to working with different companies abroad.  

Convenient Time ZonesTime Difference

The time zone in Europe is different than in America. Which is a very great practice to have in outsourcing. So this way, when the workday is about to be over in America, it is about to begin in Europe. However, in order to actually take advantage of this, the communication management needs to be on point. 

Greater Flexibility  

When you have an outsourcing company you will have more time and space to focus on your tasks. It will allow you to be more flexible and it gives you the time to research your work with clients and partners, new ways to build and grow your business. With outsourcing you will have more time on your hand and you can also finish your other tasks that actually need to be done.

Outsourcing is Good for a Business

In today’s business it is no longer impossible to connect to the other side of the world, and one of the big reasons is because of outsourcing. Outsourcing in fact, it’s easier and cheaper. There is no doubt that if you want business growth, both globally and internationally, the best way is to outsource it.

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