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Financial Internal Audit Team Leader Job Description Template Word


Are you looking for a comprehensive job description template for a Financial Internal Audit Team Leader? Look no further than our Word document template. This template is designed to help you create a job description that accurately reflects the responsibilities and requirements of this important role.

The Financial Internal Audit Team Leader is responsible for leading a team of auditors in conducting internal audits of a company’s financial systems and processes. This includes developing audit plans, conducting audits, and reporting findings to senior management. The Team Leader is also responsible for ensuring that the team is properly trained and that audit procedures are followed in accordance with company policies and industry standards.

Our template includes sections for job summary, essential duties and responsibilities, qualifications, and physical demands. It also includes a section for company-specific information, so you can tailor the job description to your organization’s needs.

Using our template can save you time and effort in creating a job description from scratch. It also ensures that you include all the necessary information to attract qualified candidates and set clear expectations for the role.

Don’t let the task of creating a job description for a Financial Internal Audit Team Leader overwhelm you. Use our template to create a clear and comprehensive job description that will help you find the right candidate for the job.


The Audit Team Leader oversees a team of auditors for the duration of an internal audit.


  • Oversee the accounting and financial reporting processes and the audits of the financial statements of the company
  • Evaluate and select an External Auditor
  • Manage the Internal Audit process, develop and manage the Internal Audit schedule (or cycle), supervise Audit Team members, and report the Audit Team’s findings to the Audit Committee
  • Review and approve of root cause analysis and investigate material errors in financial statements
  • Review and approve the Internal Audit Department’s annual and long-range audit plans and activities, for reviewing significant findings and recommendations by Internal Audit and ensuring the adequacy of management’s corrective actions
  • Conduct and supervise the IT Security audit; conduct opening and closing meetings for the audit; prepare and present the final audit report


Reports directly to the IT Security Manager or Accounting Manager.


The Financial Internal Audit Team Leader Job Description is mentioned in the following procedures:

Procedure ID and Name Policies & Procedures Manual
AC1000 Sarbanes-Oxley Compliance Finance
AC1040 External Auditing Finance
AC1050 Internal Auditing Finance
FS1040 Financial Restatements Finance
ITSD107 IT Security Audits IT Policies and Procedures Templates


A high school diploma or GED plus 5 or more years of auditing experience is required; a bachelor’s degree (in accounting, computer science, or other appropriate field of study) and 2+ years of auditing experience are acceptable, as well. Good communication skills and the ability to work well with people are essential. 3+ years of experience with appropriate computer applications is beneficial. Project management experience is preferred.


Ability to communicate orally with customers, vendors, management, and coworkers is crucial. Regular use of the telephone and email for communication is essential.

Sitting for extended periods is common. Hearing and vision within normal ranges is essential for normal conversations, to receive ordinary information and to prepare or inspect documents.

Activities require the ability to remain in a stationary position 50% of the time, occasionally move about inside the office to access files or office equipment, operate a computer and other office productivity machinery, such as a calculator, hand held devices, copy machine, and computer printer, and operate and monitor various medical equipment. Must be able to constantly position self to maintain equipment, including under tables and desks.

No heavy lifting is expected. Exertion of up to 10 lbs. of force occasionally may be required. Good manual dexterity for the use of common office equipment such as computer terminals, calculator, copiers, and FAX machines.


The job is performed indoors in a traditional office setting. Activities include extended periods of sitting and extensive work at a computer monitor and phone.


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