What Activities Work Best To Motivate Employee Productivity?

What Activities Work Best To Motivate Employee Productivity?

The success of any business organization depends largely on the quality of input by the employees. Employees are wired to treat their jobs the way they are being treated by the company. This is the reason why business managers are constantly looking for ways to motivate better performance from their staff. What activities work best to motivate employee productivity?

The Best Activities to Motivate Employee ProductivityMorale

Employee motivation is the level of commitment, drive, and energy that a company’s workers bring to their job functions every day. Without it, companies experience lower productivity among their employees, lower outputs, and difficulties in achieving the company’s important goals. This is the reason why employee motivation is key to their productivity and subsequently the company’s success. Here are some activities that can motivate employees.

Allowing Flexibility in the Workplace

Most business organizations believe that giving their employees fat salaries can help motivate them but that is not always the case. In fact, about 85% of employees around the world crave more flexibility at work while 75% get motivated with good salaries.

As a manager of a business, if you want to truly motivate your staff, allow them to be flexible about where they work, how they work, and when they work. This gives them the feeling of being in control. Most remote workers are known to perform better remotely than when at the office. Allowing for flexibility at work helps motivate the staff and in turn, they put in their best for the success of the company.

Allow for Exercises Time within Office HoursProductivity in the Office

Exercising the body regularly is known to improve your muscle strength and boost endurance. Sometimes, the difference between a productive day and the time wasted can be about two hours. Studies have shown that exercising between office hours improves productivity and helps the concerned employees going home feeling more refreshed and accomplished. It would also be great if you have fitness challenges boost retention program in your office.

It also helps to motivate your staff. Having a small gym space at work where employees would get the chance to exercise and feel more energized to work could be very helpful. Apart from the exercises at the gym, it helps your employees to bond more.

Gym Equipment by Tonic Performance is the norm these days for most companies encouraging gyming within work hours. Getting the right gym equipment for this purpose is key as you will want it to motivate your staff and also help ease out office stress effectively.  

Make the Workplace Inspiringfun

Imagine being in an office that looks gloomy because it is not well lit. You could get sleepy looking at your computer screen with a dark background and that alone will make you less productive. There are so many other things that can make the work environment dingy and boring.

No one wants to stick around a place like that for hours every day. An environment like that slowly transfers its uninspiring nature and aura into the psyche of the employees making them have no motivation to work. 

to reduce employee stress and boost productivity, one has to make the work area and office more inspiring, brighten everywhere always and occasionally change the lighting so the office can have different looks from time to time. Pick up interesting furniture pieces. Things should be well kept, working equipment should be regularly updated.

HVAC equipment should be serviced regularly to give out the best performance. Repaint walls and doors regularly to create a more beautiful environment. Incorporate some flowers around. It doesn’t have to be an expensive setting but it can be aesthetically pleasing, functional, and motivating.

Indulge in Fun Activities from Time to Time

Beer Game

Lean Training

As a business manager, you can think out of the box here and bring up some interesting team building activities that your employees can indulge in to create some fun within the office environment. Asking your employees for ideas is a great idea too.

You can decide to take all your employees on regular lunches. You can also divide the staff into some groups and have them play interesting games. Winners go home with prizes. If your employees have a particular uniform or a unique mode of dressing they have to stick to professionally, you can break the rule sometimes and have everyone dress down.

Karaoke nights on Friday and even some track and field activities during some weekends will go a long way in making your employees happy. Activities like these reduce any form of tension in the office, increase bonding among the employees, and definitely serve as motivation for better productivity.

Celebrate Employee Efforts

There is a general feeling of wanting to do more when you are celebrated for your outstanding work ethic. It is a performance booster and if an employee finds himself or herself at the end of such commendations, they get an awesome feeling. You can celebrate your employees via general emails acknowledging their efforts and specifically pointing out how they propelled the company forward. Let them know that their efforts were anything but ordinary. Building a Team

A public mention in your general meetings and giving awards or plaques are also ways of celebrating your outstanding employees and giving them recognition. The Nielsen Company is known to make public mentions and give awards regularly to some of their employees who have performed excellently well within selected periods. Some of the recipients go on to win the award again within a year.

This means they were motivated, put in more effort, and got celebrated again. Many other companies celebrate their staff also and it has proven to always serve as some motivation to be more productive. It makes other employees work harder so they can also be beneficiaries.

Motivate Employee Productivity with Great Activities

Employee motivation is no longer taken lightly by employers around the world. Unless you are running a sole proprietorship type of business, you will need labor to help you move your business forward. Ensuring their happiness will motivate them to put in their best. This will mean increased employee productivity and better brand awareness for your company

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