How To Become a Successful Image Consultant?

How To Become a Successful Image Consultant?
Interested in starting a career in image consulting? If you are a person who enjoys working with people, image consulting could be a potential career choice for you. I am here to tell you more about this profession and share my top tips on starting up your own image consulting business. How become a successful image consultant?

What is Image Consulting?Brand Visual Image

Each individual has the potential to make unforgettable impressions in social conditions. They fail to achieve that because most are unaware of it and lack the proper knowledge to go about it.

That is where image consulting comes into the picture. It is a marketing profession wherein you work as an expert who educates, guides, and mentors people to develop a lasting and impressive image of themselves. Think of it as building a strong brand image.

Important Tips to Begin Working as an Image Consultant

The work of an image consultant is a marketing profession focused on helping their clients portray the best version of themselves at key events in their lives. You will introduce them to better behaviors, communication skills, and presentation.

Your guidance could range from body language to making significant changes in their wardrobe. Here are 10 steps on how you can start an image consulting business:

Get Trained as an Image ConsultantCommunication Technology

To become a successful image consultant, you need to have a great sense of style, impressive communication skills, creativity and a sense of empathy. You can only achieve these when you sign-up to learn more than you already know. Some domains include beauty, fashion design or merchandising, psychology, etc. 

Gain Image Consulting Experience

Now is the time to put your learnings into practical scenarios. You could work as a clothing store sales associate, a stylist, a beauty consultant, a hairstylist, etc. These relevant positions will deepen your understanding of this career and your clients’ needs. 

Understand Your Target Audience

It goes without saying that any new business needs to understand its market. You should invest time in conducting extensive research about the demands that arise in the image consulting sector. Limiting your target audience will help in almost all the aspects of running a new business.  

Create a Business PlanStartup Plan

Having a proper business plan in place will help you achieve your vision for your business. It does not have to be too extensive but could include some crucial aspects like the cost of setting up the business, your pricing plan, target customers, etc. 

Choose Your Image Consulting Specialization

There are a multitude of services you can offer clients when working as an image consultant. However, being recognized for a few services where your knowledge is unbeatable will gain your business more traction. So, track down your image consulting specialization to retain the uniqueness as you establish a brand identity

Obtain Licenses & Certification as an Image Consultant

Legalize your business by applying for licenses and permits from local authorities. For instance, you need to have a valid cosmetology license with you if you are planning to offer makeup services. Similarly, extra certifications to prove your skills catch eyeballs and ensure trust.  Contact Association of Image Consultants International (AICI) for AICI certification.

Reach Your Audience

As a business, it is your job to reach out to potential audiences seeking your help. You could connect with them via presentations, seminars, workshops, emails or even referrals from previous clients. Invest more time in reaching out to your potential leads to convert them into clients. 

Leverage Social Mediastrategy social media

A tried and tested way of contacting your target market would undoubtedly be to create a robust virtual presence and target your customers with social media. An attractive and informative website and active social media accounts on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram would develop your brand positioning and awareness. 

Build a Network

Effective networking can help turn leads into future clients once your social media presence has aligned. Attending relevant events or joining groups to connect with people in the same field is a great starting point. Networking will generate new leads or get you information on what your competitors are doing.  

Improve Your Image Consulting Services

In the process, you will come across various changes that you could make to push your business forward. Collect customer feedback through talking to a previous client might bring out a few aspects of your services that might require fine-tuning. Embrace those adaptations and put your customers’ needs ahead to achieve significant growth. 

Becoming a Successful Image Consultant


Hold on to your passion to guide others to achieve their best selves. This is where image consultancy comes into play. It is a marketing job in which you operate as an expert who teaches, advises, and mentors individuals in order for them to establish a long-lasting and impressive picture of themselves. Using these 10 tips you will be able to start your own successful business as an image consultant. Good luck!

Agarwal, Suman Author Bio: Suman Agarwal is an award-winning image management professional. She has helped students, home-makers, women on sabbatical as well as people seeking second career alternatives to explore Image Management and Soft Skill Training as a vibrant professional choice. She frequently writes blog posts about the urgent need of image consulting professionals and soft skill trainers in the 21st century and loves guiding people in exploring lucrative career options.

Write to her at [email protected] to seek advanced career guidance.


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