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Word TemplatesSales Order Entry Procedure

The Sales Order Entry Procedure sets guidelines for the sales order process from obtaining the sales order through shipping and billing to the customer. All customer orders will be processed in an efficient and organized manner to ensure accurate and prompt shipments.

The Sales Order Entry Procedure ensures accurate and prompt shipments through efficient and organized order processing, and it applies to all personnel involved in processing of sales orders, specifically in sales, customer service, credit, manufacturing and billing.

This procedure summarizes the preparation of documents, paperwork flow, and responsibilities by individuals and departments and is not intended to be inclusive of all steps and activities involved in the consummation of a sales transaction. Therefore, each individual involved in the Sales Order Processing Procedure will need to take the responsibility to determine that all required and necessary activities and documents are properly completed. (10 pages, 2183 words)

Sales Order Entry Responsibilities:

The Sales Representative is responsible for initiating the sales process and for obtaining/providing and reviewing all documents and information from a customer, in order to complete the sales order.

Customer Service Representatives are responsible for reviewing sales orders to ensure requirements are adequately defined, that the order is consistent with the quotation if one was provided, and that the company has the ability to meet the defined requirements.

The Sales Manager will be responsible for facilitating the sales order entry process and maintaining all sales records.

Sales Order Entry ProcedureSales Order Entry Procedure Activities

  • Sales Representative
  • Internet Orders
  • Credit Department
  • Sales Administration
  • Manufacturing/Shipping
  • Customer Service
  • Accounting/Billing
  • Changes to Orders
  • Additional Information Resources

Sales Order Entry Procedure Forms


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