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easily editable in ms wordGoals-Objectives Procedure

The purpose of the Goals-Objectives Procedure is to develop and clearly state your company’s goals and objectives, as well as those of the sales and marketing departments, to ensure they are coordinated with one another. Developing an objectives policy ensures company and departmental progress.

The Goals-Objectives Procedure applies to the company and to the sales and marketing functions. (10 pages, 1597 words)

Goals-Objectives Responsibilities:

The Board of Directors is responsible for review and approval of the company’s formal goals and objectives.

The Strategy Team is responsible for developing goals and objectives and presenting them to the Board of Directors.

The company’s CEO (Chief Executive Officer) is responsible for ensuring that the goals and objectives are appropriate for the company, ensuring that goals and objectives are communicated to employees, and monitoring the company’s progress.

Goals-Objectives Definitions:

Balanced scorecard – Model of business performance evaluation that balances measures of financial performance, internal operations, innovation and learning, and customer satisfaction.

Corrective action – A reactive process, used to address a problem after it has occurred; measure(s) taken to reduce or eliminate an identified problem.

Goal – Broad statement of future condition desired by the organization and contained in the comprehensive plan; general statement of desired ends to be achieved over an unspecified period of time. Goals are general guidelines, long-term, and represent the company’s vision for an ideal state.

Objective – Statement of attainable, quantifiable, intermediate-term achievements that help accomplish goals contained in the comprehensive plan. Objectives are subordinate to goals, narrower in scope, and shorter in range.

Preventive action – Activity or process intended to prevent potential nonconformance before it occurs or becomes more serious; measure(s) taken to avoid or block the first-time occurrence of a deficiency.  Preventive action focuses on anticipating negative behaviors and activities and mitigating the risk associated with them.

Goals-Objectives ProcedureGoals-Objectives Procedure Activities

  • Goals and Objectives-Background
  • Setting Goals and Objectives
  • Reviewing and Finalizing Goals and Objectives
  • Communicating Goals and Objectives
  • Monitoring Goals and Objectives

Goals-Objectives Procedure Forms


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