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IT Asset Installation Satisfaction Procedure

The IT Asset Installation Satisfaction Procedure improves your company’s internal users’ satisfaction with IT installation by measuring and analyzing user satisfaction through follow-up reviews and ongoing evaluations.

The IT Asset Installation Satisfaction Procedure helps increase performance and productivity within the user community. The IT installation procedure applies to IT users and IT contractors. (6 pages, 1113 words)

Following installation of any Information Technology asset, the asset user should be contacted for the purpose of determining the user’s level of satisfaction with the installed hardware/software and with the installation process. User satisfaction data should be analyzed and the results of this analysis should be used to correct and improve the asset installation process. The process of measuring Information Technology user satisfaction should be reevaluated on an ongoing basis, to continue to improve the process and to improve user satisfaction.

Upon installing any Information Technology asset, data pertaining to the asset should be recorded in the correct database. The Tech Support Manager should contact the asset user within five (5) business days of installation.

IT Asset Installation Satisfaction Responsibilities:

The Tech Support Manager is responsible for installing Information Technology assets and gathering satisfaction data from internal users after installations.

The Information Technology Asset Manager is responsible for analyzing user satisfaction data and presenting the analysis to Information Technology Managers.

Information Technology Managers are responsible for reviewing the user and recommending corrective and/or preventive actions.

IT Asset Installation Satisfaction Definitions:

Information Technology Asset (IT asset) – Computer hardware, software, IT-based (i.e., electronic) company information, related documentation, licenses, contracts or other agreements, etc. In the context of this document, “asset” is synonymous with “Information Technology asset”.

Internal User – An employee or contractor using company Information Technology assets in the course of performing a job for the company. In the context of this document, the word “user” is synonymous with the term “internal user.”

IT Asset Installation Satisfaction ProcedureIT Asset Installation Satisfaction Procedure Activities

  • IT Asset Installation Satisfaction Plan
  • IT Asset Installation Follow-Up
  • IT Asset Installation Satisfaction Data Review
  • IT Asset Installation-Corrective/Preventive Action
  • IT Asset Installation-Ongoing Evaluation

IT Asset Installation Satisfaction Procedure References

  • ISO 9001:2008 Standard-Quality Management Systems-Requirements, Clause 8.2.1 (Customer Satisfaction)

IT Asset Installation Satisfaction Procedure Forms



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