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FSMS Management Responsibility Procedure | FDS1020

FDS1020 Management Responsibility

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easily editable in ms wordFSMS Management Responsibility Procedure

The FSMS Management Responsibility Procedure outlines methods for ensuring that the responsibility, authority and interrelation of all personnel who manage, perform, and verify work affecting food safety is defined. The procedure also defines how the Food Safety Management System is to be reviewed to ensure its continuing suitability and effectiveness. It applies to all department managers involved with food safety. (4 pages, 1012 words)

FSMS Management Responsibility Responsibilities:

The President holds primary responsibility for implementation of this procedure and, ultimately, the whole Food Safety Management System.

Department Managers, as part of the Management Team, are responsible for supporting the President and the Food Safety Team Leader in the implementation of this procedure.

The Food Safety Team Leader is responsible for managing the Food Safety Team and ensuring that processes needed for the Food Safety Management System are established, implemented and maintained; reporting to the President and Management Team on the performance of the Food Safety Management System and any need for improvement; and ensuring the promotion of awareness of customer requirements pertaining to food safety throughout the organization.

The Human Resources Manager is responsible for establishing and maintaining Job Descriptions to define responsibilities and authorities throughout the company. The Human Resources Manager is also responsible for maintaining the company Organizational Chart.

FSMS Management Responsibility ProcedureFSMS Management Responsibility Procedure Activities

  • Management Planning
  • Management Responsibilities and Authorities
  • Management Review


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