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easily editable in ms wordProject Purchasing Procedure

Purchasing materials for multiple development projects at once can be overwhelming. The Project Purchasing Procedure involves maintaining separate but parallel ordering, purchasing and receiving functions for all of your development or construction projects.

The Project Purchasing Procedure streamlines the process for procuring materials, services, tools, supplies, equipment and equipment rental for all development or construction projects. The project purchase policy should be facilitated by the project manager. (8 pages, 1527 words)

Project Purchasing Responsibilities:

Construction Managers that require a products or services to complete a project must complete purchase requisitions specifying items for purchase and obtain required approval from the Project Manager.

The Purchasing Manager is responsible for maintaining raw material inventories, placing orders with approved suppliers, negotiating pricing with suppliers, and forwarding all paperwork to the Accounting Manager for payment.

The Project Manager is responsible for identifying, approving, tracking and the proper disposition of all materials, equipment, tools, goods or services required to complete the project.

The Accounting Manager and Accounts Payable are responsible for payment of invoices only after satisfactory completion or delivery of goods or services has been made.

Receiving Personnel are responsible for receiving, inspecting materials, and forwarding all paperwork to the Purchasing Manager

Project Purchasing ProcedureProject Purchasing Procedure Activities

  • Purchasing Overview
  • Requisition for Material Order
  • Orders and Arrivals
  • Follow-up
  • Receiving Procedures
  • Material Transfers
  • Sundry Purchases

Project Purchasing Procedure Forms


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