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easily editable in ms wordDaily Cash Report Template

The Daily Cash Report Template is used by cashiers to account for all of the cash and cash equivalents collected in order to close out their cash drawers at the end of a day, shift, or open period. Totals are counted for Opening and Closing amounts of cash, all credit card charges, and invoices. Each report must be signed by the cashier. Upon beginning a shift, each cashier should count the beginning balance of their cash drawer and enter the totals onto CSH101-1 DAILY CASH REPORT.

At the end of the shift, in the presence of the sales manager, the cashier should count the cash drawer and enter the totals onto CSH101-1 DAILY CASH REPORT showing the amount of the opening change fund or cash drawer, the cash receipts collected, refunds, or credits granted and any cash payouts made. The settlement sheet should be compared to the cash register tape and any overage/shortage documented. The cash register “tape” will either be the tape in the register or a printed report from the register’s printer.

A summary of credit card transactions or Batch Report is also included on the DAILY CASH REPORT, since credit cards are simply another form of tender. The actual end of day closing routines for credit cards will vary, depending on the credit card merchant account and verification software. This type of report is always a sub-total of each day’s transactions. It verifies sequential integrity and ensures that all transactions recorded through the system are accounted for. The cashier will then sign the reconciled DAILY CASH REPORT and submit the settlement sheet and collected funds to the Cash Manager. This report should always be available and subject to review.

Daily Cash Report TemplateDaily Cash Report Template Details

Pages: 01
Words: 109
Format: Microsoft Word 2013 (.docx)
Language: English
Manual: Accounting Manuals Template
Category: Cash
Procedure: Cash Drawers Credit Cards Procedure CSH101
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