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Streamline Your Training Workshops with the Education Procedure Template Word


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Training Workshops-Education Procedure

The Training Workshops-Education Procedure ensures that members of the Board receive education relating to agency goals and programs.

Non-Profit Board training should be scheduled on an annual basis, to take place in conjunction with the yearly Board retreat. This training is intended to supplement the training new Board members receive during orientation. Directors will also be encouraged to pursue other educational opportunities within the budgetary and authorization guidelines established in the following procedures.

The Training Workshops-Education Procedure applies to the planning and structure of the annual Board retreat, to new member orientation, and to Director attendance at meetings, conferences, assemblies, workshops and seminars. (3 pages, 694 words)

Training Workshops-Education ProcedureTraining Workshop-Education Procedure Activities

  • Agency-Sponsored Events
  • Non-Agency Sponsored Opportunities



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