How to Create a Dynamic Fillable Form in Word
November 14, 2023 - Microsoft Word

Dynamic fillable forms in Word offer a versatile tool for users to create interactive, customizable documents. Data collection, input validation and automation are some of the features these forms provide. How to Create a Dynamic Fillable Form in Word.

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How to Use Styles in Microsoft Word
November 6, 2023 - Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word is a powerful tool with lots of features to help you format and style your documents. Styles are a great way to keep your docs looking professional and easy to read. Whether you’re writing a short letter or a complicated report, understanding how to use styles can save you time and keep your […]

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Can a Checklist Be a Procedure?
August 2, 2023 - Write Better Procedures

Discover the effectiveness of using a checklist as a procedure in various industries.

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Is Excel a Manual Accounting System?
July 27, 2023 - Improve Management Systems

Excel is a popular choice for financial record-keeping and analysis. It’s customizable and user-friendly, however, it can’t be considered a true manual accounting system. Manual systems rely on pen and paper or physical ledgers. Excel is a digital alternative. Is Excel a manual accounting system?

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Why Root Cause Analysis Is the Foundation of Corrective Action

In order to prevent problems from reoccurring, conducting root cause analysis is the key to a proper corrective action.

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What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Mystery Shopping?

It’s no secret that brick-and-mortar retailers have been suffering in the past few years due to majority of consumers transitioning to online shopping. Ecommerce is different from traditional retailing. In order to survive as a retailer, it’s important to invest in the right assets that can help fuel your business’ growth.  What are the advantages […]

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What are Instagram’s New Business Features?

Instagram is the favorite go-to social media platform for millions of people for sharing videos, photos, and interesting stories every day. It has also evolved as a popular platform that allows businesses to connect with their target audience easily. If you are not aware of Instagram’s newest features for businesses , here is all you […]

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Is a Masters in Business Administration Worth It?

An Masters in Business Administration (MBA) will equip you for a career in a variety of roles and help you develop leadership skills and knowledge that are transferable, regardless of the sector you choose to work in. You may also wish to start your own company or corporation, an MBA can set you up to […]

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How Modern IT Tools Can Improve Business Intelligence
August 7, 2020 - Leverage Technology

Modern IT tools have undoubtedly transformed the business landscape. From enhancing speed and accuracy to streamlining business operations, there are so many benefits you can enjoy from investing in up to date IT technologies. But how can these tools enhance business intelligence? Read on to find out. 

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