What are Instagram’s New Business Features?

What are Instagram’s New Business Features?

Instagram is the favorite go-to social media platform for millions of people for sharing videos, photos, and interesting stories every day. It has also evolved as a popular platform that allows businesses to connect with their target audience easily. If you are not aware of Instagram’s newest features for businesses , here is all you need to know. Let’s take a look at what are Instagram’s new business features.

What You Need to Know About Instagram’s New Business FeaturesInstagram Sales

Instagram has introduced a number of business features to help brands reach their maximum potential. New features include business profiles, a professional dashboard, insights, Instagram stories, and promote. Let’s look at Instagram’s new business features.

Business Profiles

The business profile is one of the excellent business features that allow businesses to create a visual brand identity on Instagram. It is all about making a switch from a general personal account to a professional business account.

Having a business profile on Instagram can show your audience how serious you are about doing business on Instagram. Moreover, a business profile on Instagram can provide you with a lot more additional features to enhance your profile. 

In your Instagram business profile, make sure to add a brief description of what products and services you offer or what is the core objective of your business. Specify the industry or category your business belongs to. Make sure to use a tone that reflects your brand personality. 

The Instagram business profile also gives you the opportunity to easily add your contact details to the profile. You can even add your website link. This, in turn, enables your potential customers to reach out to your business with a single click of the button. 

Professional Dashboard

Recently launched in 2021, the Instagram professional dashboard on Instagram is a great feature for businesses. This business feature enables you to easily track your performances and gain access to valuable professional resources.

It can provide you with insights into how your brand interacts with the followers on Instagram. It can also help you get an idea of the right time to post your content so that your target audiences are online and will engage with your posts immediately. Moreover, you can get access to the branded content tools that will offer you quick tricks and tips to make your business thrive on Instagram. All these can help your business grow successfully. 

InsightsBlog Content Marketing Strategy

As a business owner, insights is one of the most helpful features for you on Instagram. It can provide you with a detailed overview of your followers on Instagram. It offers valuable information like age, gender, location, and other important details of your followers. 

This can help you plan your posts and content better in order to attract and engage more individuals. Moreover, metrics such as top posts, reach, impression, and engagement level can help you learn about the performance of your posts.

It allows you to see what is working and what is not working for your business. Keeping track of your post enables you to make the necessary changes to your marketing strategies to grow the reach of your businessThe Insights feature of Instagram can help in taking your customer engagement rate to a whole new level.

Instagram Stories

Instagram story is a feature that is often overlooked by businesses. However, you can actually use it to your advantage. About 62 percent of consumers say that they became more interested in a product or business only after seeing their Instagram Stories. This shows the importance of the Instagram Stories feature for the brands. Posting interesting Instagram stories is an excellent way to attract more followers and increase conversions. You can post videos that tell the story of your brand and build genuine connections.

In your videos, you can show what your business does, who your team members are, and more. However, Instagram stories are not just limited to videos. You can also use it for sharing new updates and making an announcement of upcoming events. This feature will help in keeping the customers engaged with your brand while enhancing the conversion rate.

PromoteInstagram Sales

Instagram promote is yet another effective business tool that you must know about. It allows you to convert your best-performing posts into interesting advertisements within your budget. All you need to do is leverage what already works for you and increase your chances of greater ROI.

With the use of this business feature, you can also add customized CTA buttons to drive more conversionsMake sure to choose the posts that have high engagement rates and can help you generate more sales. Also, ensure that the posts you select are neither purely informational nor purely promotional. It needs to be a combination of the two in the appropriate ratio.

Instagram’s New Business Features

Instagram is continuously coming up with new and exciting business features. Make sure to leverage these features and gain optimum benefits for your business. If you find the task overwhelming, you can avail the help of expert professionals. The experts can offer you the right guidance and enable you to take maximum advantage of Instagram’s business features. 

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