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easily editable in ms wordService Satisfaction Procedure

The Service Satisfaction Procedure outlines the follow-up action and sample telephone script to be used by Customer Service representatives. Customer Service is to contact customers after any repair of their equipment has been made to assure that the equipment is working properly and that the customer feels that their needs or concerns have been satisfied.

The Service Satisfaction Procedure applies to all repairs and/or problem resolution of a customer’s system. (6 pages, 892 words)

Service Satisfaction Responsibilities:

The Product Manager is responsible for defining and reviewing the effectiveness of service delivery.

The Customer Service Manager should review and summarize all post-sale reports and forward them to the Quality Manager.

Customer Service Representatives (CSR), Sales Staff, and all company employees involved in customer interactions should  follow up with customers and record customer feedback (negative and positive) on form SL1060-1 CUSTOMER SERVICE CONTACT FORM.

Service Satisfaction Procedure

Service Satisfaction Procedure Activities

  • Post-Service Follow-Up
  • Satisfaction Reporting
  • Post-Sale Follow-Up Review
  • Satisfaction Report Review

Service Satisfaction Procedure Forms




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