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easily editable in ms wordProject Change Orders Procedure

The Project Change Orders Procedure introduces important considerations to be remembered when executing change orders. Quotations for such change orders should be prepared, submitted and approved of in a timely fashion so that the construction project timetable is not jeopardized. The Project Change Orders Procedure applies all project managers, supervisors, project workers and contractors. (6 pages, 1,910 words)

Construction project changes may be initiated by the client, designer, designer’s consultants or by the company. They may or may not involve changes to the contract amount or to the project timetable.

Project Change Orders Responsibilities:

The Project Manager must stay alert for revised drawings or changes on shop drawings, which the Architect may make without being aware that additional cost or time are involved. They are also responsible for reviewing the contract for rules governing the change order process.

Project Change Orders ProcedureProject Change Orders Procedure Activities

  • Initiation and Approval Project Change Orders
  • Change Orders Index
  • Extension of Project Time
  • Lump Sum Project Changes
  • Unit Price Changes
  • Construction Cost Plus Changes
  • Arbitration
  • Acceptance of Change Orders



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