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easily editable in ms wordConstruction Quality Control Procedure

The Construction Quality Control Procedure describes the construction quality guidelines for physical, visual, and performance standards in the construction company.

To provide our construction clients with products and services that meet or exceed the construction requirements of the contract documents. To maintain and improve our construction reputation for quality construction by continuing efforts in this area and ensuring that our subcontractors follow high quality standards as well.

The Construction Quality Control Procedure applies to the inspection and oversight of all requirements for all development or construction projects. (6 pages, 1,217 words)

Construction Quality Control Procedure

Construction Quality Control Procedure Activities

  • Physical Construction Quality Guidelines
  • Government Inspection, Approval and Certification
  • Construction Test and Inspection Certificates
  • Non-Destructive Testing
  • Construction Load Tests
  • Construction Pressure Tests
  • Deflection and Camber
  • Construction Performance Specifications
  • Construction Visual Quality



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