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The Opening Closing Accounts Procedure establishes guidelines to be followed when opening new accounts and closing accounts. The company should offer accounts and services in a professional and friendly manner based on information received from the customer, and focus on maintaining positive relations with customers. This procedure applies to all personnel responsible for opening new accounts and closing accounts. (6 pages, 973 words)

For opening an account, first determine if the customer would like a savings or checking account and what other services they may require and obtain proper identification from the customer. For closing an account, determine the reason the customer is closing the account and resolve any conflict if possible to maintain positive relations with the customer. You should also verify with the customer the amount of outstanding debits (ATM withdrawals, checks, automatic withdrawals, early withdrawal penalties, collections, holds, etc) and ensure that funds are available when figuring the ending balance.

Opening Closing Accounts ProcedureOpening Closing Accounts Procedure Activities

  • Opening New Accounts
  • Business Accounts
  • Closing Accounts
  • Obtaining Proper Identification

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