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easily editable in ms wordHonors Recognition Procedure

The Honors Recognition Procedure furthers the goals and objectives of the non-profit agency in the areas of financial gain, public recognition and respect.

The Board of Directors will consider all recommendations for honors and recognition resulting from distinguished service to the non-profit agency. The Board will consider the relationship between honoree services and the size and scope of the project proposed, the benefit of the recognition to the agency, and the visibility and prominence accorded to the honoree. Individuals or institutions that make large contributions, as well as projects that undertake to raise significant sums will be considered for recognition.

The Honors Recognition Procedure applies to the naming of buildings, property, or any space therein; the naming of departments or titled positions, including chairs within the organization; and the conferring of all awards or citations upon any individual, institution, association, or society. (4 pages, 709 words)

Honors Recognition ProcedureHonors Recognition Procedure Activities

  • Commemorative Gifts
  • Unapproved Projects
  • Donor Recognition
  • Public Announcements




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