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easily editable in ms wordMeeting Procedure

The Meeting Policy defines proper practices for planning, conducting, and following up on your company’s meetings, and it ensures meetings are the best use of participant’s time.

The Meeting Procedure applies to meeting leaders and participants. (8 pages, 1838 words)

Meeting Procedure Responsibilities:

The Meeting Leader is responsible for planning, calling, scheduling, and conducting the meeting, ensuring active participation of all invitees, and following up with participants.

Meeting Participants are responsible for showing up to meetings on time, being prepared, and participating in meetings.

A Scribe, chosen by the Meeting Leader, is responsible for recording the minutes of the meeting and distributing a copy of the minutes to each participant afterward.

A Timekeeper, also chosen by the Meeting Leader, is responsible for keeping meeting participants informed of the time to ensure that the meeting stays on track, all items on the agenda are covered, and the meeting stays within time limits. Timekeeper and Scribe responsibilities may be handled by one person.

Meeting Procedure Definitions:

Meeting Leader – Generally, the person who calls the meeting and sets the agenda; responsible for organizing and guiding the meeting and following up with participants.

Meeting minutes – Record of the proceedings of a meeting.

Parliamentary procedure – System of written and unwritten rules for orderly conduct of business/meetings; “Robert’s Rules of Order” is one example of parliamentary procedure.

Scribe – Person responsible for keeping the minutes of the meeting.

SME – Subject matter expert; someone who has specialized knowledge of/experience with a particular subject.

Meeting Procedure

Meeting Procedure Activities

  • Meetings Background
  • Preparing for Meetings
  • Conducting Meetings
  • Meeting Follow-Up
  • Meeting Review

Meeting Procedure Forms


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