How to Motivate Employees About Process Improvement

How to Motivate Employees About Process Improvement

How do you communicate process improvement or knowledge management and change? One way to motivate employees about process improvement is to think about all of your changes (including process improvement) as organizational “news”. You have to get the word out and communicate Process Improvement News so others can profit from the changes and improvements you’ve made.

Many companies appear to run relatively smoothly under the status quo, so they may not think about organization improvement. Minor product inconsistencies or customer complaints are normal, and the owners might think that overhauling an entire system to save a little money might not be worth it. But those same business owners would be surprised to learn that a few simple process changes and a small amount of effort can save thousands of dollars through cutting waste and improving customer quality.

Process Improvement NewsImprovement News

Could you do this like a news show? Communications activity must be planned and coordinated like a news show. You would need a news staff to write, produce, and distribute your news materials. Your Process Improvement News show could have a schedule with a regular time slot, format, and an editor or anchor for your program.

Perhaps you run feature stories regarding training events, Kaizen of the month, and progress on major changes or improvement objectives. Be creative — have fun with it — make it engaging! Produce videos, a newsletter, a change wall, use magazine format, or skits for the changes. Afterall, you have to constantly motivate employees to turn out quality and perform at their best.

What’s Your Communication Program Budget?

Major software changes in IT get money for new software and software customization, but considerably less time and money is allocated to effectively communicating these changes. This may be due, in part, to the lack of a formal in-house communications program. If you don’t have such a program, do you go with “what works for everybody else” (which really doesn’t), or do you try something different…like a Process Improvement News show?

Show Your Commitment to Change and ImprovementQuality News

Identify a Process Improvement News staff whose job it is to get out the word on change and improvement. Delivering change and improvement is like producing a show. You have to budget for the production of the show (change and improvement development activities) and you then have to have the show on a regular basis, just like the news.

Change and process improvement, like the news, isn’t a one-time event: it’s ongoing.

What’s Your Knowledge Management Program Budget?

Your knowledge management program requires a serious commitment to change and improvement. You can demonstrate your commitment by the time and money you budget to communication, as well as by the quality of the Change and Process Improvement News Show you produce.

Seeing a high level of commitment from management, the rest of your organization is more likely to effect the changes and improvements your company needs to thrive. So what will be on your Process Improvement News station?

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