Writing IT Policies and Procedures, Fast

Writing IT Policies and Procedures, Fast

Writing IT Policies and Procedures can be difficult because of the way Information technology is changing the way business operates. The need for consistent computer usage, security, and clear IT policies is only increasing. Learn to begin writing IT policies and procedures, fast.

How to Start Writing IT Policies and Procedures

Policies Procedures Writing ebook

New Release of “How to Write a Policies and Procedures Manual” is now available.

Establishing IT policies and procedures for Information Technology (IT) management issues like:

  • Information security;
  • Computer usage;
  • Network management; and
  • IT policy

You can quickly begin writing IT policies and procedures using MS-Word templates available in the IT Policies and Procedures Manual. The IT manual enables business owners, IT managers, and IT departments to use customizable prewritten documents to protect and control their IT assets.

Easy IT Standards Compliance

Today’s business owners, Chief Information Officers (CIO), Chief Operating Officers (COO) and business leaders are required to comply with various federal regulations and international IT standards (e.g., Sarbanes-Oxley, COBIT, ITIL, ISO 27000, ISO 20000). To meet these regulations, companies must demonstrate adequate internal controls of business records, cybersecurity, and quality management through effective use of policies and procedures and/or associated document compliance management software.

Computers and IT are important parts of business operations, routinely storing and circulating volumes of information between various business processes. Many business functions necessitate the use of computer systems and networks. Since businesses and computer systems are increasingly interconnected, the need for controls such as IT policy, information security and computer usage guidelines become equally important.

Facilitate IT Management Procedureswriting it policies and procedures

The Computer & IT Policies and Procedures Manual addresses critical IT management issues and is an invaluable resource for any IT manager or IT department. It complements our highly successful Accounting Policies and Procedures Manual and, when combined, both publications provide a complete compliance solution for Writing IT Policies and Procedures.

The Computer & IT Manual provides a framework upon which a company of any size can improve the capabilities of their current IT system, systematically forecast IT needs and budgets, facilitate IT asset management, and resolve IT security issues.

Writing IT Policies and Procedures

By addressing core IT management issues, this manual helps many small and medium size companies that don’t have an experienced CIO leading the way to formulate best practices and optimal standards to establish a formal IT policy. This is the first publication to identify and provide the guidance and the tools for business leaders to accurately and efficiently determine the hardware, software, training, and security requirements of the organization.

Easy MS-Word IT Procedures Templates

Writing Policies Procedures

The IT Policies and Procedures Manual discusses strategic IT management issues including IT security, control of computer and network assets, and includes a section on creating your own information systems manual along with a computer and IT security policy guide. Since all this content is available in editable MS-Word files, you can easily edit and customize the manual to create your own IT policy and corresponding procedures.

View a free sample IT policies and procedures from the IT manual to see how easy Writing IT Policies and Procedures can be.

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