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Security Guard Job Description Template Word


Looking for a comprehensive and customizable security guard job description template? Look no further than Bizmanualz’s Security Guard Job Description Template Word. This template is designed to help you create a job description that accurately reflects the duties and responsibilities of a security guard, while also providing you with the flexibility to tailor the description to your specific needs.

The Security Guard Job Description Template Word includes sections for job summary, essential duties and responsibilities, qualifications, physical demands, and work environment. Each section is pre-populated with relevant information, but can be easily edited to fit your organization’s unique requirements.

With this template, you can ensure that your security guard job description is clear, concise, and compliant with industry standards. It can also help you attract qualified candidates by providing a detailed overview of the position and its requirements.

Whether you’re hiring for a new security guard position or updating an existing job description, the Security Guard Job Description Template Word is an essential tool for any HR professional or hiring manager. Get started today and streamline your hiring process with this easy-to-use template.


The Security Guard patrols, inspects, and conducts electronic surveillance of the organization’s property against fire, theft, vandalism, misuse/abuse, terrorism, and illegal activities. They monitor people and buildings in order to prevent crime and promote safety and security.


  • Protect and enforce federal, state, and local laws on the organization’s property.
  • Monitor alarms and closed-circuit TV (CCTV) cameras.
  • Control facility access for employees, visitors, vendors, and contractors (have visitors sign in/out, issue and collect Visitor badges, occasionally escort visitors from one area to another, etc.).
  • Periodically conduct security checks (surveillance) of specified areas.
  • Maintain a security log and write comprehensive, detailed reports on what was observed while on duty.
  • Interview witnesses to security violations/incidents.
  • Detain criminal violators for law enforcement authorities (e.g., local police, sheriff).
  • Carry out the physical security (security risk management) plan for all facilities.
  • Handle and report to the Security Manager on security incidents and threats.
  • Able to quickly determine the best course of action for a given incident.


Reports directly to the Security Manager. Works in conjunction with Information Security staff to ensure security of IT facilities and operations.


Procedure ID and Name Policies & Procedures Manual
SEC116 Fire Prevention and Detection Security Planning
SEC117 Hazardous Material Security Planning
SEC118 Inventory Delivery Receiving Controls Security Planning
SEC121 Transportation of Currency Security Planning


A high school diploma is required, as is 1+ years of security, loss prevention, or other suitable experience. A background check is required of all candidates

Must demonstrate the ability to act quickly and decisively. Excellent communication skills and the ability to work well with people of all levels and backgrounds are essential. ASIS or other similar security organization certifications (e.g., CPP, PSP, LPC) are desirable.


Ability to communicate orally with Security management, employees, visitors, fire/police, disaster management & recovery personnel, etc., is crucial. Regular use of phone and email for communication is essential. Hearing and vision correctable to within normal ranges is essential for normal conversations, receiving ordinary information, and preparing or inspecting documents.

The ability to remain in a stationary position roughly 25% of the time, as well as the ability to move about the facility (patrolling, performing security checks, etc.), sometimes rapidly, is required.

Using a computer (e.g., logging activity, writing reports) or watching surveillance monitors while sitting for extended periods is not uncommon. Must also be able to position self to maintain and inspect security equipment, including under tables and desks.

Occasional heavy physical activity (e.g., running, carrying injured persons, detaining suspects) can be expected; prefer candidates in good-to-excellent physical condition and able to pass a physical exam. Good manual dexterity required to use common office equipment (e.g., computers) and specialized security devices.


The job is performed indoors and outdoors in a variety of settings. The security guard may spend a considerable amount of time on their feet, assigned to a specific post or patrolling buildings and grounds, and they may sit for long hours (e.g., behind a counter).

The guard working during normal business hours (8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.) can expect a great deal of contact with employees and visitors. Although the work is usually routine, it can occasionally be hazardous (e.g., physical altercations).


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