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Physician Job Description Template Word


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The Physician diagnoses and treats injuries or illnesses, examines patients, prescribes medications, and orders, performs, and interprets diagnostic tests. The Physician may operate on patients to treat injuries, diseases, deformities, and/or deficiencies.

The Physician also counsels patients on diet, hygiene, and preventive health care, to improve their overall health and outcomes. They also supervise physician assistants and nurses, as needed.


  • Perform patient examinations, which may include the taking of patients’ temperature, pulse and blood pressure, administration of medication and injections, recording of symptoms and progress of patients on medical charts, and ordering, performing, and interpreting diagnostic tests.
  • Recommends and designs patient treatment plans. Reviews test results to identify abnormal findings.
  • Assesses and treats conditions including sinus and respiratory infections, broken bones, lacerations, minor injuries, infectious diseases, and other medical ailments.
  • Maintains a customer base of regular, long-term patients. Refers patients with more serious conditions to specialists or other healthcare facilities for additional care.
  • Maintains quality, safety, and/or infection control standards.
  • Educates patients and/or families as to the nature of disease, provides instruction on proper care and treatment to manage the illnesses or injuries. Answers concerns or questions that patients have about their health and well-being.
  • Observe activities of clinical staff and make recommendations to head nurse for improvement in the quality and effectiveness of nursing care given.
  • Assist in the development and implementation of general policies and procedures designed to effect efficiency of medical office operations.


Works daily with the healthcare staff, such as nurses, physicians, and medical assistants. May work as the managing physician or in collaboration with the board of directors.


A degree from an LCME- or WFME-accredited medical school is required. A current state medical license is required, as is continuing education in the medical field. The physician in specialty practices (e.g., internal medicine, obstetrics & gynecology) must be board-certified. Good oral communications skills and the ability to work well with people are essential; a good bedside manner is critical.


The Physician frequently communicates with patients and staff regarding medical treatments or therapies; they must be able to exchange accurate and up-to-date information in these situations.

Activities require the ability to remain in a stationary position 50% of the time, occasionally move about inside the office to access files or office equipment, operate computers and other digital productivity devices (i.e., cell phones), and operate and monitor various medical equipment.

Some heavy lifting is expected. Exertion of up to 50 lbs. of force occasionally may be required to turn or move patients. Good manual dexterity for the use of common office and medical equipment such as computer terminals, heart monitors, or blood pressure machines as well as the insertion and removal of catheters, needles, or nasal cannulas.

Good reasoning ability is required to solve a wide range of medical and emergency problems. Able to apply algebra and other analytics as required. Able to maintain emotional stability to cope with human suffering, emergencies, and other stresses. Able to understand and utilize management reports, medical charts and other documents to conduct business. Must be able to work rotating shifts.


The job is performed indoors in a traditional medical office or hospital setting. Exposure to potentially dangerous materials and situations that require following extensive safety precautions as well as loud noises, unpleasant odors and liquids may occur. Protective safety equipment (e.g., clothing, shoes, gloves, masks, goggles) may be required.


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