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Streamline Your Software Release Process with the Software Releases Procedure Template Word


Are you tired of the chaos that comes with software releases? Do you find yourself struggling to keep track of all the necessary steps and documentation? Look no further than the Software Releases Procedure Template Word from Bizmanualz.

This comprehensive template provides a step-by-step guide to the software release process, ensuring that nothing falls through the cracks. From planning and testing to deployment and post-release monitoring, this template covers all the necessary steps to ensure a successful software release.

With the Software Releases Procedure Template Word, you’ll have access to customizable forms and checklists that can be tailored to your specific needs. This means that you can easily adapt the template to fit your organization’s unique software release process, saving you time and effort in the long run.

Not only does this template help streamline your software release process, but it also ensures compliance with industry standards and regulations. By following the guidelines outlined in the template, you can rest assured that your software releases are up to par with industry best practices.

Don’t let the software release process overwhelm you any longer. Invest in the Software Releases Procedure Template Word from Bizmanualz and take control of your software releases today.

Software Releases Procedure

The Software Releases Procedure maintains consistency and high quality of software products throughout all releases and updates.

The Software Releases Procedure applies to all company designed and developed software products and updates. (12 pages, 2129 words)

Software Releases Responsibilities:

The Product Manager decides how many versions of a product the company will maintain and support.

Programmers use the software component library to control all changes, comment on the changes made, and indicate version numbers.

The Quality Assurance Manager manages the software library and releases software versions that successfully pass testing.

The Software Designer determines the specific software components that make up the final product release.

Software Releases Definitions:

Software version – Consists of software components and corresponding documentation. Generally, a version is a checkpoint at which a particular thing or idea varies from its previous state or condition.

Software release – A software release refers to the creation and availability of a new version of a computer software product. Each time a software program is changed, the programmers and company doing the work decide on how to distribute the changes or the changed system or program to those people using it.

Software Releases ProcedureSoftware Releases Procedure Activities

  • Software Releases and Updates-Introduction
  • Software Version Control Standards
  • Software Configuration Control Standards
  • Software Release Control Standards
  • Software License, Warranty, and Copyright

Software Releases Procedure References

  • ISO/IEC 12207:1995-Information Technology-Software Life-Cycle Processes
  • IEEE/EIA 12207.0- Standard Industry Implementation of International Standard ISO/IEC 12207:1995

Software Releases Procedure Forms



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