Adequate control over all information technology asset management – in this case, meaning the computer hardware and software the company relies on, not only for conducting its day-to-day business, but for positioning itself for growth, which it achieves through increased customer satisfaction. The following IT inventory management procedures help the company maintain control over its IT assets.


  • IT Asset Assessment Procedure | ITAM104

  • IT Asset Installation Satisfaction Procedure | ITAM105

  • IT Asset Management Procedure | ITAM102

  • IT Asset Standards Procedure | ITAM101

  • IT Vendor Selection Procedure | ITAM103

  • Use of Non-Standard Software Procedure | ITAM106


  • Approved IT Vendor Data Worksheet Template | ITAM103-3

  • IT Approved Vendor List Template | ITAM103-4

  • IT Asset Acquisition List Template | ITAM102-2

  • IT Asset Assessment Checklist Template | ITAM104-1

  • IT Asset Configuration Worksheet Template | ITAM101-2

  • IT Asset Installation Follow-Up Report Template | ITAM105-1

  • IT Asset Inventory Database Log Template | ITAM102-5

  • IT Asset Requisition-Disposal Request Template | ITAM102-1

  • IT Asset Scan Summary Report Template | ITAM104-2

  • IT Asset Standards Exception Request Template | ITAM101-3

  • IT Asset Standards List Template | ITAM101-1

  • IT Network Map Report Template | ITAM102-6

  • IT Vendor Disqualification Report Template | ITAM103-5

  • IT Vendor Notification Notice Template | ITAM103-1

  • IT Vendor Survey Template | ITAM103-2

  • Non-Standard Software Request Template | ITAM106-1

  • Nonconforming IT Asset Report Template | ITAM102-4

  • Tech Support Receiving Log Template | ITAM102-3