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easily editable in ms wordIT Device Naming Standards Procedure

The IT Device Naming Standards Procedure offers naming standards for assigning host names or device names for equipment attached to your company’s network. The purpose is to delineate specific conventions regarding the assignment of host or device names for equipment attached to (part of) the company network infrastructure.

The IT naming convention standards described in the procedure apply to all your company’s Local Area Networks (LAN) and all devices attached to those networks. Procedures include serving naming conventions, network host naming conventions, mainframe naming conventions, infrastructure device naming conventions (4 pages, 619 words)

IT Device Naming Standards Responsibilities:

The Tech Support Manager is responsible for Information Technology asset (specifically, hardware and software) installation throughout the company and as such, is responsible for ensuring installed assets are named according to the IT naming conventions spelled out in this document.

IT Device Naming Standards Definition:

Information Technology Asset – Any computer hardware, software, Information Technology-based company information, related documentation, licenses, contracts or other agreements, etc. In the context of this document, Information Technology assets may be referred to as just “assets”.

IT Device Naming Standards ProcedureIT Device Naming Standards Procedure Activities

  • Server Naming Conventions
  • Network Host Naming Conventions
  • Mainframe Naming Conventions
  • Infrastructure Device Naming Conventions

IT Device Naming Standards Procedure References

  • Sarbanes Oxley Act of 2002


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