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IT Department Satisfaction Procedure | ITAD110

ITAD110 IT Department Satisfaction Procedure

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easily editable in ms wordIT Department Satisfaction Procedure

The IT Department Satisfaction Procedure improves the IT staff’s service, enhances user approval of the department’s IT products and services, and increases the user community’s performance and productivity by supplying products and services that add value to your company.

Gauge user satisfaction of new IT installations or updates with proper follow-up or an IT customer satisfaction survey. The IT Department Satisfaction Procedure applies to all of your company’s IT employees as well as IT contractors or outsourcers. (10 pages, 1787 words)

IT Department Satisfaction Responsibilities:

The Quality Assurance Manager is responsible for reviewing IT department survey question reports on user satisfaction (from Information Technology Management and the Tech Support Manager) and recommending actions to improve user satisfaction.

The Tech Support Manager is responsible for maintaining a Tech Support Log, reporting on user satisfaction in the Log, and taking corrective actions related to user satisfaction.

Information Technology Department Managers are responsible for reviewing user satisfaction summaries and taking corrective actions in response to low user satisfaction.

IT Department Satisfaction Definitions:

Information Technology Asset – Any computer hardware, software, Information Technology-based company information, as well as related documentation, licenses, contracts or other agreements, etc.  In the context of this document, “asset” is synonymous with “Information Technology asset.”

Internal User – An employee or contractor using company Information Technology assets in the course of performing a job (task) for the company. In the context of this document, “user” is synonymous with “internal user.”

Random Sampling – Technique whereby a group of subjects (a sample) is selected for study from a larger group (a population) entirely by chance. Each member of the population has a known, but possibly non-equal, chance of being included in the sample. By using random sampling, the likelihood of sampling bias is reduced.

Statistically Significant – A finding (the observed difference between the means of two random samples, for example) is described as statistically significant when it can be demonstrated that the probability of obtaining such a difference by chance only is relatively low.

IT Department Satisfaction ProcedureIT Department Satisfaction Procedure Activities

  • General IT Department Satisfaction
  • Post IT Service Follow-Up
  • IT User Survey
  • IT User Satisfaction Review

IT Department Satisfaction Procedure References

  • ISO 9001:2000 Standard- Quality Management Systems-Requirements, Clause 8.2.1 (Customer Satisfaction)

IT Department Satisfaction Procedure Forms


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