How to Control Your Brand’s Public Image

How to Control Your Brand’s Public Image

Enhancing your brand by offering quality products doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll make a lot of sales. Studies have shown that 77 percent of leads will do some research on your brand before even considering buying from you. This means that if you want your leads to convert into paying customers, having a good public image is a must. Although many business owners view their company’s public image as something they can’t control, there are ways to do it and here are five of them that are guaranteed to work.

Build a good website

What’s the first thing people do when they want to learn more about something? Google. You can be assured anyone who wants to do research on your business is going to take a look at your website and try to see what you’re all about. If your website loads too slowly or is difficult to use, chances are they’ll give up and decide to turn to one of your competitors instead. On the other hand, if you have a responsive and good-looking website, they’ll be more than happy to learn more about your brand and products. If you don’t know much about coding, you can always hire experts who can design the entire thing for you.

Tell a compelling business storycompelling story

Your brand is much more than just a logo and a business name. Behind every business out there, there’s a compelling story about how it came to existence and how difficult it was to survive when facing so much competition. Moreover, there’s a story about how the owner first came up with the business idea and decided to make it real. Think about what part of your story people might be interested in and tell it whenever possible. Although having an “About Us” section on your website can work, try looking for blogs, magazines or podcasts where you can tell your story and get your brand noticed.

Hand out promotional products

Sometimes, it seems that marketing now comes down to having a website and using social media. However, traditional marketing still matters quite a lot and handing out promotional products can do wonders for your public image. People enjoy getting stuff for free and they’ll automatically decide to keep coming back and buy from you. What’s more, they’ll use your promotional products and help you get your business noticed while doing so. For example, if you design promotional hats for your customers, you can expect them to generate you plenty of views every day. Whether it’s a bucket hat or a beanie, you can be ensured your logo will look amazing on it.

Turn employees into brand ambassadors

We all heard how important having brand ambassadors is. The only problem is, most small businesses simply can’t afford to work with brand ambassadors who’ll be able to give their public image a boost. With that said, why not choose people you’re already surrounded with instead? Your employees can be great brand ambassadors as long as there’s something in it for them. For starters, design cool business cards and have your staff members hand them out to their friends and family. It’s also recommended that you come up with rewards for employees who manage to help your business increase its public image the most.

Go greenenvironment

No matter what sector you’re in, you probably know how important it is for businesses to aid in preserving the environment as much as possible. Not only that this gives them a chance to do something good for the planet but it also boosts their public image significantly. Why? Well, people in general now care a lot more about the environment and many of them prefer doing business with companies that share their views on the subject. Luckily, there are so many ways you can make your business go green and mention it so that anyone who does research on your company can learn about it.

Final thoughts

Just growing your business isn’t enough. Unless your public image is growing with it, you can’t really expect the company to do well. Luckily, with so many ways to control your brand’s public image, there should be nothing stopping you from giving it a boost and build a great professional reputation every business owner dreams of.

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