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Safety Suggestion Worksheet Template | CMP101-1

CMP101-1 Safety Suggestion Worksheet Template

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easily editable in ms wordSafety Suggestion Worksheet Template

Employees with ideas for accident prevention should complete a Safety Suggestion Worksheet Template and review it with their project manager and forward to the company’s Safety Coordinator for follow-up. CMP101-1 SAFETY SUGGESTION SHEET covers potential effected areas, recommendations, disposition/action taken, and more. A safe work environment must be everyone’s goal. Accordingly, all employees are encouraged to evaluate their work methods and areas for potential safety hazards and/or ideas for improving safety in their work environment.

The prevention of occupationally induced injuries and illnesses is a management priority and will be given precedence in all operational matters. The company should not knowingly allow unsafe conditions to exist, or permit employees to participate in unsafe activities. The OSHA Job Safety & Health Protection poster will be displayed on the company’s bulletin board as a reminder to all employees of the importance of worksite safety.

Safety Suggestion Worksheet TemplateSafety Suggestion Worksheet Template Details

Pages: 01
Words: 36
Format: Microsoft Word 2013 (.docx)
Language: English
Manual: Human Resources
Category: Compliance
Procedure: Workplace Safety Procedure OSHA CMP101
Type: Sheet

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