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Key Issue Acknowledgement Template | ADM106-1

ADM106-1 Key Issue Acknowledgement Template

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easily editable in ms wordKey Issue Acknowledgement Template

Formal receipt is required for all keys issued by the company, and the Key Issue Acknowledgement Template can be used to document this. Company keys should stay on the property and be secured in a locked storage cabinet, except for those employees whose duties require after hours entry. ADM106-1 KEY ISSUE POLICY keeps track of the key number, description, the employee’s information, and more.

Keys or password codes are not to be loaned or utilized by any other employee or non-employee at any time. During working hours, keys will remain with the employee, or be placed in secured storage. While off duty, keys should be in the company’s locked key storage box, or secured at home. Employees not responsible for opening or closing the building, and those not on call to report after normal working hours, should turn in assigned keys daily. Keys should be stored in the company’s assigned key storage if an employee is not scheduled to work for more than three days.

If keys are misplaced, lost or stolen, it is the employee’s responsibility to notify management as soon as practically possible. Keys and tags should not contain any marks or wording, which identifies the company or any of its locations

Key Issue Acknowledgement TemplateKey Issue Acknowledgement Template Details

Pages: 01
Words: 321
Format: Microsoft Word 2013 (.docx)
Language: English
Manual: Human Resources
Category: Administration
Procedure: Property Access Control Procedure ADM106
Type: Form

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