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HR Hiring Status Report Template | ADM109-2

ADM109-2 HR Hiring Status Report Template

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easily editable in ms wordHR Hiring Status Report Template

The Human Resources Manager should prepare a HR Hiring Status Report Template monthly, summarizing the hiring status. The completed report should be forwarded to the CFO and/or the President by the end of each month. ADM109-2 HIRING STATUS REPORT should include a list of open positions by:

  • Title
  • Date position is available.
  • Applicant status (Number of applicants, applicants interviewed, candidates identified, and/or offers made to date.)
  • Expected date position is to be filled.

The Human Resources Manager should update the average days required to fill an open position and the estimated employee turnover rate. These two productivity measures provide an indication of employment strength. If the average days required to fill an open positions high then the Human Resources Manager should take steps to find alternative methods for filling positions.

The Human Resources Manager should prepare an analysis of the external labor market to determine how other companies pay their employees who are performing jobs that are similar to those under review. This analysis should take into account inflation, benefits, the average days required to fill an open position as calculated in ADM109-2 HR HIRING STATUS REPORT, and any other factors that should influence how raises and promotions should be distributed within the company.

HR Hiring Status Report TemplateHR Hiring Status Report Template Details

Pages: 01
Words: 53
Format: Microsoft Word 2013 (.docx)
Language: English
Manual: Human Resources
Category: Administration
Procedure: Human Resources Reports Procedure ADM109
Type: Report

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