What Are the Benefits of Translation Services?

What Are the Benefits of Translation Services?

The most crucial thing to consider when selecting a translator to incorporate translation services into your business, whether it is a translation agency or a freelance translator, is what purpose and quality you require for translation. What are the benefits of translation services?

Five Benefits of Integrating Translation Services into Your Businessmultilingual websites

If localization is important to your business strategy, then your business has always actively used the services of translation companies. Some give orders to a permanent partner. Others change performers or work with several at the same time. We will share our experience, why translation services are beneficial, and what to look for when working with translation providers.

Savings on Translations

The most effective way is to get discounts for reusing previously translated texts. As a result, costs can be reduced by 20-30%, and sometimes up to 70%. For example, in documents that you submit for translation, some phrases and sentences may be repeated from time to time: names, characteristics, descriptions of goods and services, etc. In order not to do the same job twice, previously translated segments can be used in new texts.

This simultaneously reduces the working time of the translation company, allows you to save your business money, and can reduce the cost of international expansion. According to the rules of the translation business, segments that coincide entirely with those previously translated are 70% cheaper than new ones; for partial repetitions, the contractor must make a 30% discount. This is how the cost of translation changes with and without repetitions.

Easier to Manage Your Budgetproduct management Budget

Let’s imagine that in your business, several departments use translation services need for your app content and each department works with its contractors and pays for services from its budget. Translation processes are scattered, the company does not have uniform information about suppliers and costs. It is challenging to receive volume discounts, and translation resources (glossaries, translation memory) are partially used or dead weight.

Now let’s imagine a unified system that helps to implement, control and optimize all translation processes of a company. It contains information about costs, suppliers, projects. With its help, it is convenient to manage and distribute the translation budget. The integration of such a system provided by a translation company will help you build a system that allows you to manage your budget.

You Can Control the Translation Process

When a company provides a document to be worked on, it ceases to control the translation process. It does not know whether the translator has started the translation, or who is carrying out the project. Or how much has been done and how much is left. To find out, you have to contact the project manager, wait for an answer, and be distracted from the main activity.

It’s another matter if the translation process is automated and the translation company provides such a service. Then, information on all projects is collected in one place. The system shows whether the contractor has started the project and how much has been completed. The data is updated online and is available at any time. It is very convenient.

You Will Receive a Quality ServiceISO 9001 Quality

When trying to save money using machine translation, your business runs the risk of a significant hit to its reputation from inaccurate translation. Machines are programmed to execute specific algorithms. Machine translators adhere to human-developed interlanguage algorithms for translating a series of words from one language to another using dictionaries and grammar rules. However, translation is not just about converting words from one language to another.

This is a much more complicated process. Therefore, it does not matter how good the algorithm is: machines have one big drawback – they cannot understand the meaning of the text. Only high-quality human translation services can solve this problem.

Confidentiality and Guarantees

In our age of free morals, fewer people want to register relations, but not in the business sphere. In any case, you sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) with them. Of course, your business wants to protect itself from the unpleasant consequences associated with non-translation or failure to meet deadlines. Companies that provide services for integrating translations into your business provide guarantees. Moreover, they will not even require prepayment because no one has yet canceled the struggle for a client.

Benefits of Translation Services

When choosing a translator to integrate translation services into your business, be it a translation agency, freelance translator, or your are hiring international employees, the most important thing is to determine what purpose and quality you need for a translation. 

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