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ISO22000 FSMS Corrective Action Procedure Word Product Description


The ISO22000 FSMS Corrective Action Procedure Word product is an essential tool for any organization that wants to implement a food safety management system (FSMS) that complies with the ISO22000 standard. This product is designed to help organizations identify and correct any non-conformities in their FSMS, ensuring that they meet the requirements of the ISO22000 standard.

The ISO22000 FSMS Corrective Action Procedure Word product includes a comprehensive set of procedures that cover all aspects of corrective action, from identifying non-conformities to implementing corrective actions and verifying their effectiveness. The procedures are easy to follow and can be customized to meet the specific needs of your organization.

With the ISO22000 FSMS Corrective Action Procedure Word product, you can ensure that your organization is always in compliance with the ISO22000 standard. The product includes a set of templates that can be used to document all corrective actions, making it easy to track progress and ensure that all corrective actions are completed in a timely manner.

In addition to the procedures and templates, the ISO22000 FSMS Corrective Action Procedure Word product also includes a set of guidelines for implementing corrective actions. These guidelines provide valuable insights into best practices for implementing corrective actions, ensuring that your organization is always taking the most effective approach.

Overall, the ISO22000 FSMS Corrective Action Procedure Word product is an essential tool for any organization that wants to ensure the safety and quality of their food products. With its comprehensive set of procedures, templates, and guidelines, this product makes it easy to implement an effective corrective action program that meets the requirements of the ISO22000 standard.

FSMS Corrective Action Procedure

The FSMS Corrective Action Procedure outlines the responsibilities and methods for identifying causes of nonconformities, initiating corrective action(s), and performing follow-up to ensure that corrective actions have been effective in preventing the reason for nonconformance. The procedure applies to all causes of nonconformities relating to product, process, and food safety. (10 pages, 1409 words)

Any employees observing an instance of failure of product or process to comply with customer requirements, FSMS standards, or statutory/regulatory requirements should result in the issuance of a nonconformity report. Nonconformity reports may be initiated by anyone in the organization and are to be signed off by the manager responsible for that area.

If an employee observes a nonconformity in an area outside of his/her area of responsibility, the employee should report the nonconformity to the area supervisor/manager, who should review the nonconformity report with the supervisor/manager of the affected area and get his/her signature.

When it is determined that a correction or corrective action is required, such action should begin with a corrective action request. Every CAR must include a description of the problem, observation, or nonconformance, as well as when and where it was observed.

FSMS Corrective Action Responsibilities:

The Food Safety Team Leader is responsible for reporting on corrections and corrective actions taken at Management Review meetings and ensuring that this procedure is accurate, understood, and implemented effectively.

All Employees are responsible for identifying nonconforming conditions and initiating a Corrective Action, investigating and recording the cause of nonconforming conditions when assigned, and implementing the corrective actions determined by this procedure.

FSMS Corrective Action ProcedureFSMS Corrective Action Procedure Activities

  • Nonconformity Reports-General
  • Initiating Corrective Action
  • Investigating the Cause
  • Taking Corrective Action
  • Preventing Recurrence
  • Verification and Closure

FSMS Corrective Action Procedure Forms



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