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easily editable in ms wordCustomer Life Cycle Management Procedure

The Customer Life Cycle Management Procedure properly frames information about products or services to customers to more effectively communicate with and meet expectations of customers. The Customer Life Cycle Management Procedure provides proper information according to what is known or understood about typical customers, what is known about a particular customer, and what state the potential or actual customer is in the buying process.

The Customer Life Cycle Management Procedure applies to the marketing and sales departments in order to create communication strategies and manage customer touch points. To effectively use the concept of the Customer Life Cycle, the goal should be to map the particular ways typical customers move through the phases that are specific to the company and to an industry or business model. (18 pages, 2146 words)

The more that is known about customers, the better a company can provide them with products and services that meet their needs. Also, by better understanding who typically buys a company’s products and services, the better a company can understand who their prospects might be. Gaining knowledge about prospects and customers can lead to useful strategies for communicating with them, in other words; managing the customer touch points – the places and ways customers meet the company; and to better control how prospects and customers perceive the company’s messages, products, and people.

Customer Life Cycle Management Responsibilities:

Marketing and Sales Management should create and implement the SL1000-1 CUSTOMER LIFE CYCLE MANAGMENT PLAN.

Top Management should approve the SL1000 CUSTOMER LIFE CYCLE MANAGEMENT PLAN.

Customer Life Cycle Management Responsibilities:

Touch Points – Any interaction a company has with potential or existing customers, including advertising, web pages, sales team, and customer service staff.

Surveys – Statistical information collected about customers and the marketplace.

Customer Life Cycle – A description of the phases that consumers go though while buying, or not buying.

Marketplace – The world of potential customers.

Customer Profile – Demographic characteristics or attributes learned or assumed about typical customers.  Multiple profiles can exist for each product or service.

Customer Life Cycle Management Procedure Customer Life Cycle Management Procedure Activities

  • Customer Life Cycle States and the Sales Pipeline
  • Customer Life Cycle Management Plan
  • Customer Life Cycle Management
  • Monitoring Customer Life Cycle Management
  • Improving Customer Life Cycle Management

Customer Life Cycle Management Procedure Forms



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