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easily editable in ms wordCheck Request Procedure

The Check Request Procedure describes processes for completing check request forms for all of your company’s manual check requests. The Check Requests Procedure ensures efficient processing and accurate record keeping, and it applies to the CFO or Controller. (4 pages, 373 words)

Whenever an employee requires a manual check to be issued, such as picking up items or for cash on delivery items, a check request form should be completed with all pertinent information and required departmental approval. If a check is to be mailed directly to the vendor, any applicable documentation such as order forms, etc., should be attached to the form.

If the check is lost or stolen then it is important to place the stop payment information on the account as quickly as possible to prevent losses. An authorized check signer may need to sign the bank’s Stop Payment Form, typically within ten business days. Normally, stop payments are placed on the account for approximately six months. To release the stop payment, an authorized check signer may need to contact the bank and sign a release. Note: signing the release allows the check to be paid.

Check Requests Responsibilities:

The Controller is responsible for managing the check request process and contacting the bank to stop problem checks.

Check Requests ProcedureCheck Request Procedure Activities

  • Check Origination
  • Check Stop Payment

Check Request Procedure Forms




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