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easily editable in ms wordPhone Answering Policy Procedure

The Phone Answering Policy Procedure is used to make available to all company employees, proper telephone procedures relative to all phases of telephone use. All incoming telephone calls will be answered and directed in a prompt, professional manner to project a positive image of the company and assure that customers and vendors are treated in a polite, satisfactory manner. This procedure affects the Receptionist and other employees who answer the company’s telephone. (6 pages, 1285 words)

A professional, courteous, and considerate phone manner is the first service the company owes anyone. For a sales or service organization, it’s an integral part of doing business, but can be easily overlooked. Bad phone etiquette can cost the company business and in today’s competitive environment, it could spell the difference between winning and losing.

Phone Answering Responsibilities:

Receptionist is responsible for answering the phones, transferring calls, and taking messages correctly.

All employees are responsible for backing up the receptionist and answering the telephone correctly.

Office Administrator schedules employees to cover for the Receptionist.

Phone Answering Policy Procedure

Phone Answering Policy Procedure Activities

  • Answering Techniques and Etiquette
  • Mobile Phone Etiquette
  • Answering and Directing Calls
  • Taking Phone Messages
  • Telephone Users’ Guide

Phone Answering Policy Procedure Forms



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