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easily editable in ms wordNew Member Orientation Procedure

The New Member Orientation Procedure gives new members the specific information necessary to enable them to perform effectively as a member of the Board of Directors, and to assist the new member in gaining a working knowledge of the organization’s goals and program services.

Every new non-profit Board member will receive a complete orientation covering the operation of the agency, its finances, the relationship of the governing Board to the operation, and the Director’s role as a member of the Board. The orientation will include an agency tour; appropriate written materials, introductions to staff and information on other Board members.

New member orientation will be provided to all new non-profit Board members, regardless of previous experience or involvement with the agency. (4 pages, 732 words)

New Member Orientation ProcedureNew Member Orientation Procedure Activities

  • Orientation
  • Board Manual Committee Assignments, Evaluation



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