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The Grant Applications Procedure helps to seek sums to support specific projects. The agency endorses and supports the pursuit of grant monies through appropriate foundations and government funding sources in all areas, which enhance the services provided by the agency.

Grants may be sought from foundations, government units, corporations, and other grant-making organizations. (5 pages, 585 words)

At least one full-time, salaried staff person will be assigned to research grant-making organizations, making or following up on contacts, writing grant proposals, and following up on grant proposal submissions. Once research has identified an organization that might be willing to consider making a grant to support an activity of the agency, a contact within the grant-making organization will be identified and a meeting to discuss the possibility of seeking a grant will be requested.

Along with the Applicant Organization Summary Form, you should include a summary of the agency including information such as their mission statement (brief statement of organization’s goals, and/or objectives), a brief summary of organization’s history, and description of current programs, activities, and accomplishments.

Information regarding the purpose of the grant should also be included. This entails information such as a brief statement of the issue to be addressed, description of constituency served (include number served), target population, and how they will benefit from this. A description of goals and objectives for the purpose of the grant and of activities planned to accomplish these goals would also be helpful.

Expected results during the funding period and details about how you would define and measure success would also be useful information to include.

There are also certain attachments you should include. Things such as: Board of Directors occupations and/or community affiliations, a list of names and qualifications of key staff, most recent fiscal year-end financial statements (audited if available), etc.

Grant Applications ProcedureGrant Applications Procedure Activities

  • Communications With Grant-Making Organizations
  • Agency Summary

Grant Applications Procedure Forms



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