Annual Stockholders Meetings Procedure | FA1050

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annual stockholders' meeting policy and procedureAnnual Stockholders Meetings Procedure

The Annual Stockholders Meetings Procedure describes how to keep stockholders informed of business operation, include them in votes on important company actions, and comply with regulatory requirements for “C corporation” shareholder meetings. This procedure applies to Top Management and those responsible for planning and executing annual stockholder meetings. (14 pages, 2263 words)

Annual Stockholders Meetings Responsibilities:

The CFO (Chief Financial Officer) is responsible for overseeing that regular shareholder meetings are conducted according the articles of incorporation.

Annual Stockholders Meetings ProcedureAnnual Stockholders Meetings Procedure Activities

  • Structure of Corporate Authority
  • Stockholders’ Meeting Notification
  • Conducting Stockholders’ Meetings
  • Stockholder Meeting Review
  • Stockholder Meeting Improvements

Annual Stockholders Meetings Procedure Forms



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