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easily editable in ms wordBusiness Plan Procedure

The Business Plan Procedure describes how to develop a Business Plan to direct and manage the company’s growth, to define and prioritize short- and long-range business activities, and to develop strategies and objectives that provide foundational guidance to business operations. This Business Plan Procedure applies to the company’s Top Management, the Strategy Team, and the Board of Directors. (14 pages, 2507 words)

It’s important for all individuals involved with developing the company’s Business Plan – the Strategy Team – to remember that the Plan is intended to be a working, action-oriented management tool. A well-written Business Plan is acted on by employees who understand how their daily tasks and responsibilities relate to the overall company strategy. The Plan should be developed to allow measurement of accomplishment of specific objectives within clearly defined, achievable time frames. The Plan should be a practical, flexible, and timely document for determining and communicating the company’s direction to all employees. NOTE: Charts, graphs, photos, etc., should be used frequently in the Business Plan.

Business Plan Responsibilities:

Top Management (the CEO and CFO, at a minimum) is responsible for overseeing development and implementation of the RC1000-1 BUSINESS PLAN.

The Strategy Team is responsible for developing the RC1000-1 BUSINESS PLAN. The Strategy Team should convene annually to review the company’s performance in light of its goals, objectives, and strategies for the current year and update the Business Plan for the coming year.

The Board of Directors is responsible for reviewing and approving the RC1000-1 BUSINESS PLAN.

Business Plan Definition:

Pro Forma Financial Statements – Statements that have the format of financial statements (balance sheet, income statement, statement of cash flows), but give projections or forecasts instead of actual end of period figures.

business plan procedureBusiness Plan Procedure Activities

  • Business Plan-Background
  • Developing the Business Plan
  • Reviewing and Finalizing the Business Plan
  • Monitoring the Business Plan

Business Plan Procedure Forms



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