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easily-editable-in-ms-wordSocial Media Planning Worksheet Template

The Marketing Manager should ensure that there is a clear purpose to the organization’s use of social media and list such purposes on the Social Media Planning Worksheet Template. The Marketing Manager should identify the company’s social media objectives (e.g., 33% improvement in conversion rate, awareness, or engagement), determine the number and types of contacts needed to achieve those objectives, and list that information on MP1080-1 SOCIAL MEDIA PLANNING WORKSHEET, also.

The Marketing Manager should determine what strategies and tactics the company will implement to achieve its objectives and list them on MP1080-1. In addition, the Marketing Manager should identify the date on which a given tactic is to be implemented (Start Date) and the date by which the objective is expected to be achieved (the Target Date). A schedule and budget should also be developed for implementing each aspect of the social media plan and add that information to MP1080-1. The Marketing Manager should enlist the aid of key department managers (e.g., Accounting, Sales) when formulating the social media schedule and budget.

Social Media Planning Worksheet TemplateSocial Media Planning Worksheet Template Details

Pages: 01
Words: 36
Format: Microsoft Word 2013 (.docx)
Language: English
Manual: Sales and Marketing
Category: Marketing Planning
Procedure: Social Media Strategy Procedure MP1080
Type: Worksheet

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